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strange thing with SOD

Discussion in 'JAV Discussion' started by pukimai, Jun 24, 2020.

  1. pukimai

    pukimai Active Member

    guys, do you recognize something strange happen with SOD? like now, even in their website, they are not display complete list of their release movie, for example, in their official website, there is no movie with code stars-253, stars-254, sdnm-244, etc, do you know why? i try to find these movies in javlibraries.com and also the movies are not there, i only can find these movies in other sites, my question is, why theses movies are not even in SOD website?
  2. ramp_it_up

    ramp_it_up Active Member

    Bro, I knew something was up. I'm a big fan of trailers, and I remember the website was down for awhile
  3. pukimai

    pukimai Active Member

    oh yes, and i just revisit their site, now stars-253 is on their website, but it schedule to be released next month.... while it already on torrent site by today...
  4. chieftain

    chieftain New Member

    Yep I have noticed that too it's quite strange . Yesterday I found out that Rocket are not gonna do releases in July due to the pandemic. Maybe it has something to do with that but I don't know. It's really strange that the releases for June became releases for July as well apart from 1. As you said they are already available in torrent sites because they released this month... Strange indeed
  5. ramp_it_up

    ramp_it_up Active Member

    also, I'm noticing weird thing in other Jav sites, were the previews are not updated and showing titles from 2009. I need to slow down on my porn consumption lol.