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Discussion in 'JAV Discussion' started by Verginello, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. jimbo22cm

    jimbo22cm huge bukkake fan

    DDT-154 is one of the greatest ever!
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  2. princeali692

    princeali692 Jav is love... Jav is life...

    If you guys can find someone to really translate it, I would certainly donate some money to the cause. I've read a lot of talk about crowdfunding for subtitles on here, but for me, I'm only interested if it is a bukkake/gokkun movie.

    I'm the same way. I love Aroma and Rocket movies as well. A lot of fetish JAV movies are very interesting. Not that they need to be extreme either, just a lot more fun to watch. I see movies like that as being a lot more artistic than probably most people give them credit for. It must take a lot of effort and work to produce a top quality bukkake/gokkun movie making sure everything goes right. I can't get enough of it myself!
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  3. lordlucan

    lordlucan Member

    Mai Sakashita was one of my favourite JAV stars, she really seemed to enjoy bukkake and gokkun. She has done several in the genre and I enjoyed all of them. SEND-16 is a rare movie, it is called something like "Farewell" as it is her last movie. Also a good one. There is one scene where she takes about 6 shots in the mouth, and counts them with her fingers, then counts down to swallowing. Lost it with my old computer though.
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  4. Verginello

    Verginello Active Member

    Yep I'd love to watch that movie!
    She's one of my favourite too!! Always smilling while covered with cum, such a nice person.
  5. chrisfallout

    chrisfallout Member

    if he fan of sperm then dreamshower might be his liking.
  6. hygog

    hygog New Member

    this is my favorite kind of AV~!
  7. TarPitWu

    TarPitWu добры дзень

    I love gokkun and bukkake movies, and I would love it if every once in a while they let/ask one or some of the guys to kiss the girls.

    I would love to see it (even though I'm sure some people wouldn't), but I think it would be hot
  8. lordsuperjesus

    lordsuperjesus The Great Gokkun Sage.

    here are some must see gokkun vids

    ASW-097 by Tsukushi or Oosawa Tsukushi

    Tsukushi is a cum monster. this vid is full of swallows and Tsukushi gulps it down like fucking candy. one of the best.

    DJE-043 by Ashida Tomoko

    this is the best gokkun movie i have ever seen EVER!!! and its all thanks to Ashida Tomoko. she is the girl in my avatar pic. as far as i know she is new to jav but MAN can she swallow that jizz. that pretty face ohh i LOVE her!!
    she is the future of gokkun a new star and this is one of her first gokkun master classes. i've been watching gokkun for 12 years and i have never seen a girl this sexy with gooey cream in her mouth. she is the best girl. her and
    Tsukushi are tied for best cum dump.

    JS-29 by Kohaku Uta

    the pic says it all. fucking cum bubbles man, fucking cum bubbles.

    if you like cum, WATCH THOSE VIDS NOW!!!! it'll change your life!


    Attached Files:

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  9. thc1138

    thc1138 ぶっかけ Addict

    Aww man Kohaku Uta! What a whore. Such a shame she retired. Would love to see a re-up of that vid!
  10. lordsuperjesus

    lordsuperjesus The Great Gokkun Sage.

    Kohaku Uta is retired?!?!?!?! but... but she was so good!!! she was a real slut, i think that bitch did scat. a true whore was lost to the world!
  11. samurai79

    samurai79 I like bukkake movies.

    She probably has AIDS or some nasty shit by now.
  12. lordsuperjesus

    lordsuperjesus The Great Gokkun Sage.

    maybe but i still want to fuck her or feed her my jizz at the least.
  13. lordsuperjesus

    lordsuperjesus The Great Gokkun Sage.

    i have two more for you. they are hard to find seeing as they were made in the early 90's.

    MS-01 Fuji No Jin by Misao Sugihara (i think)
    Fuji No Jin is the best gokkun movie full stop. there is no better cumplay in anything and this shit came out i think in 1995!!!
    i love this whore Misao Sugihara. look at these lips!!! so big and full, so sexy. anyone know any other jav of her doing gokkun? the only other vid i have with her is OR-2.
    these old M's Video Group vid's are super rare.

    MM-05 Suki Suki Superuma by unknown (who is this bitch?)

    the girl in Suki Suki Superuma is not a cum lover but she trys her lil jap heart out! why i love this jav is because this girl is the sexist bitch i have ever seen.
    who is she? has she made more gokkun? all i know is she is my dream slut! that face!!! that mouth!!! those lips!! all she needs is some training to become the
    perfect cum dump. this is another vid from the early 90's so she may be in more stuff. if you know who she is please let me know.

    these two are going to be a bitch to find, it took me 10 years to find a VHS rip of all 6 vids in the No Jin series!!! (that's MM-01 thru MM-06 if you want the No Jin series its the best gokkun series of all time!! start your search here)
    those are two of the golden oldies of gokkun. 20 years old and still the best. M's Video Group really needs to re-release these old movies.

  14. Verginello

    Verginello Active Member

  15. Conjurer

    Conjurer New Member

  16. lordsuperjesus

    lordsuperjesus The Great Gokkun Sage.

    man, it seems like most of the vids that are in this thread are from the past 3 or 4 years. Verginello and rancher, you guys seem to be the only ones to bring up some of the classic gokkun vids of my youth, some of the best gokkun vids ever made were from that era 15 years ago. GAD-004 is one of my faves and that one has lots of cum swapping to boot! i love alot of the older gokkun jav and here is one of my fave blasts from the past! (get it? blast? like a load of c... you know)

    [JLD-003] with Milk Asakura


    anyone that has not seen this one and calls themselves a gokkun fan needs to watch it right NOW! Milk Asakura is one of the few JAV stars that only did cum vids. she loves cum and all her movies show it. this is a must see from back in 2001. hell all her vids are a must see, this one, JLD-005 and SDDE-002 Semen Hospital has her in it too. SDDE-002 has alot of heavy hitters of gokkun in it like Kurasawa Nanami who was in GAD-004, Hoshino Rumi and one of the greatest cumsluts of all time the lovely miss Sakurada Yukari who was in SDDM-068. i love Sakurada Yukari, that old cum hound. it's nice seeing an old bitch outdo young girls in her hunger for jizz. i bet my bottom dollar that if she did a gokkun vid today at the age of like 60 she would STILL outdo most of the young girls doing it now!

    maybe i should start a old gokkun appreciation thread that is all about gokkun vids that came out pre 2009? what do you guys think? is that a good idea?
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  17. princeali692

    princeali692 Jav is love... Jav is life...

    I think you should keep posting here so this thread can chronicle all the variety there is in JAV related to sperm porn. I love all bukkake and gokkun old and new. Some of these older labels you mention I don't have yet. Luckily though I am able to find some on asia movie pass. I'm always looking out for more cum movies I don't have yet and it is always a treat to find older titles that are great.
  18. ezdiy

    ezdiy New Member

    Meh, she's too milfy-for me ^_^. Though most of stuff from Waap (DJE & YFF) is fairly decent yet not that known (compared to say, KV or ASW)

    Shameless plug of my gokkun collection megatorrent: http://www.akiba-online.com/threads...-ibw-mum-kv-waap-moodyz.1515544/#post-2963857
  19. EroMura777

    EroMura777 Active Member

    I had a liking for Kana Ohori (大堀香奈), too bad she retired a long ago and I'd like to reivindicate the あなた専用ティッシュになります series:


    It's a pity that Erotica only did nine volumes, plus a compilation. I mean how could one go wrong with girls like Tsubomi, Chika Eiro, Shizuka Kanno or Hibiki Otsuki (not to mention Kana Ohori).

    These two movies look promising, however I can't seem to find a legit source on the net:



    At finally, my opinion on the subject is that a cumshot that doesn't finish inside a girl is wasted.
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  20. lordsuperjesus

    lordsuperjesus The Great Gokkun Sage.