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Sora Shiina & Eririka Katagiri breakup???

Discussion in 'JAV Discussion' started by ckskevin, May 12, 2017.

  1. ball7

    ball7 Active Member

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  2. Supmop

    Supmop Akiba Citizen

    looks like moody teenager :D

    remove & delete, curse the world and voila they are together again :p
  3. radaogapgap

    radaogapgap Active Member

  4. dewback

    dewback Member

    I'm often surprised at the low number of followers many of these girls have. Most American performers, even mid-tier stars, have double the followers of the top JAV stars.
  5. Hans Kowalski

    Hans Kowalski Well-Known Member

    Well, for one, JAV is already pretty niche in the west, so not many followers from the US and Europe, and even if you consider their fans from China and other non-japanese Asian countries...how many would actually bother to follow their favorite actresses with the language barrier inbetween.
  6. ball7

    ball7 Active Member

    From the JAV gossip thread:
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  7. ding73ding

    ding73ding Akiba Citizen

    To those not been following that thread: in that thread I'm just a translator. I didn't originate any of it.

    Here, speaking as myself: I think both camps (skeptics vs. believers) are half wrong. Of course everything on twitter under a stage name is a bit... eh... staged. It's pretty convenient that both Sora and Eririka are signed with the agency Declare. Declare's company website on the very front page advertise their relationship using professionally-polished graphics. It's very hard to fully believe it's purely a spontaneous affair between two individuals.

    OTOH, there's no reason to be so cynical that a media company would fabricate something so elaborate and for so long completely out of thin air. Quite likely the two girls do enjoy each other's company and would hang out together (going on dates) and live together (in the same apartment), take baths together (totally unremarkable for same sex brothers/sisters/relatives/friends), sleep in the same room, sleep in the same bed/tatami (for Japanese, not such a big deal for same sex brothers/sisters/friends/relatives), maybe masturbate together, or each other, or muff-diving everytime they can. All these things might be happening (at least before the rumored break-up), with the approval/support of their agency and studio(s).

    I think sexual orientation for Japanese and many non-Western cultures doesn't define a person. In the West, one is either hetero, homo or bi. Like one is either Catholic, Protestant or Infidel.

    We don't treat sexual activities or sexual preference that way. To us its like calling one is a rice-eater, vs. noodle-eater. Or in slightly related terminology, one is herbivore (食草系, meaning unambitious in career, relations, and life) vs. one is carnivore (食肉系, meaning ambitious). Yes it describes a personality but never meant to be black and white and immutable.

    In modern day Japan, with statistics of marriage rate, birth rate, sexual frequency etc all going steadily down, a lot of men and women are spending more and more time with same-sex friends out of convenience rather what you in the West think of as innate sexual/gender identity.
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  8. ckskevin

    ckskevin Member

    So they are like "together" but not together? LOLX
  9. ball7

    ball7 Active Member

    Sora has stopped followering Eirika on twitter. So in my head, they are no longer together and I wonder how both their agency, but also Bibain is going to handle this.
  10. paparoach408

    paparoach408 Well-Known Member

    isn't this also like Erirkas third different twitter account? I know she deleted her first when she first retired
    No They where legit together, Eririka had been posting pics before she came back, and Sora debuted and they both performed separately for about a year(aka when Sora blew up) before they finally did a video together

    Early on it was all legit, then when it became all about there relationship in vids things fell apart
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  11. Supmop

    Supmop Akiba Citizen

    I'm not surprise with this fact because most porn viewer doesn't like porn with mozaik

    bibian will look for new real life lesbian couple

    and the good part from this "breakup" is more hetero sex vids from erika and sora ;)
  12. ckskevin

    ckskevin Member

    nah, its a marketing ploy. bibian recently launched a video saying that they are together again
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