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SOB - 2004 - Vicious World

Discussion in 'Music Torrents' started by AyanoAzusa, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. AyanoAzusa

    AyanoAzusa New Member


    S.O.B. - Vicious World
    Place Of Origin: Japan
    Release Year: 2004
    Ripping Source: CD
    Label: Blackened
    Catalog Number: BLACK070CD
    Ripped With: EAC (Secure And Test) with LOG and CUE
    Format: FLAC


    1 Public Eye 2:51
    2 Radiate 2:48
    3 Rise Above Yourself 2:34
    4 Crisis Prophecy 3:37
    5 Killing Field 2:38
    6 Vicious World 0:50
    7 Morbid Attitude 4:23
    8 Collision 2:34
    9 Re-Evolution 3:56
    10 Jacobs 0:24

    Bass: Kawataka
    Drums: Yasue
    Guitar: Osekin
    Vocals: Tottsuan

    Originally released by Toy's Factory in 1994.

    S.O.B. (sometimes also known as SxOxBx, which is an acronym for Sabotage Organized Barbarian, sometimes also known as Sounds/Symphonies of Brutality) formed in 1983 in Osaka, Japan. S.O.B. are highly regarded as one of the leading pioneers of grind. Originally S.O.B. started as a hardcore punk band whom later played grindcore style music. Their music would soon evolve with the influence of metal music and they would evolve into a thrashing unit with many experimental tendencies.

    Grindcore music is defined as hardcore punk music with thrash and sometimes death metal tendencies. What S.O.B. did along with the fathers of grind, Napalm Death, was further innovate the genre and influence other bands that would mimic their style. Both bands were known as the leading pioneers of the mass grindcore movement during the late 80's. Unlike Napalm Death, S.O.B. remains underrated and this is because they've never expanded their music out of Japan.

    S.O.B. were an influence on many bands today, some obviously influenced by S.O.B.'s sound like Brutal Truth, Carcass and other grind units. One of the bands S.O.B. influenced isn't the most obvious band to be influenced by them but were tremendously swayed by their sound. According to the book "Choosing Death: The Improbable History of Death Metal and Grindcore" by Albert Mudrian, S.O.B. has hugely influenced Napalm Death and the making of their classic album "From Enslavement To Obliteration." Lee Dorian (ex-Napalm Death vocalist, current Cathedral frontman) claims that many riffs for the making of "From..." were borrowed from S.O.B.'s music.

    The group debuted in 1986 with the Leave Me Alone 7". In July 1989, SOB warmed up the audience in the first part of the Japanese tour with Napalm Death, quickly finding a common language with its members, which in turn were marked on the mini-album, Thrash Night, released on Lee Dorian's Rise Above label. John Peel himself invited the group to record a session on the air on BBC radio. In 1990 SOB gained international recognition in the underground grindcore scene, releasing a split seven-inch with the British Napalm Death.

    It seemed that the band's career was progressing and nothing could hold them back. However in June 1995, immediately after recording the album Vicious World, Tottsuan committed suicide by jumping in front of a train. Due to this reason, S.O.B. went on a depressive hiatus until 1998 when they drafted their musical friend Kevin Sharp (best known as the vocalist of Brutal Truth) as temporary stand in before Naoto (from avant-garde punkers Rise From The Dead) made the role permanent.

    However, it failed to rescue the band's career and their star rapidly waned. They've been said to have joined ironically the mainstream crowd in Japan, playing "trendy" hardcore at big clothing conventions. While they're not grindcore today, their early music still stands the test of time and their albums are treasured BY many punkers/metalheads today.

    S.O.B. will always be remembered as one of the original pioneers of true grindcore music.


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