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Slang - 2008 - The Immortal Sin [FLAC]

Discussion in 'Music Torrents' started by AyanoAzusa, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. AyanoAzusa

    AyanoAzusa New Member


    SLANG - The Immortal Sin
    Country: Sapporo, Japan
    Year: 2008
    Source: CD
    Label: Schizophrenic Records
    Catalog Number: Schiz #40
    Ripped With: EAC (Secure And Test) with LOG and CUE
    Format: FLAC



    1 Rain In August
    2 Ill Peace Hymn
    3 Killereligion 911
    4 Tokyo Suicide Hell
    5 The Immortal Sin
    6 The Authority Burns
    7 Guilty
    8 No Hope No Life
    9 Crisis
    10 Humanistic Disorder

    Bonus Tracks (Studio Demo/Mar. 2008)
    11 Ready To Fight
    12 Zetsubou
    13 Crucificados Pelo Sistema
    14 Single Ticket To Hell

    Track 11 originally recorded by Negative Approach.
    Track 12 originally recorded by Kuro.
    Track 13 originally recorded by Ratos De Porão.
    Track 14 originally recorded by Ripcord.

    Slang formed in 1988 (Sapporo, Japan), but unlike many of their peers, still record on a regular basis, and tour
    frequently, even in parts of the United States. Unlike many other Japanese hardcore bands, they’ve produced their fair
    share of albums, not just EPs, singles, and splits. Their latest album was 2012's Glory Outshines Doom but at this point
    the Japanese hardcore influence has bled enough into the contemporary conversation that they simply sound modern.
    Glory Outshines Doom… a very Burning Spirits sentiment!


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