Shoujo Sect Innocent Lovers Vol. 1


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Jan 19, 2009

Eighteen-year old Shinobu Honda is known as the “player” in her school because of her sexual charisma with other female students. Eighteen-year old Momoko Naitou is the one who tries to keep her so-called friend in line. Meanwhile there are strange stories about the “Phantom Doll” spreading across the halls. The Komai sisters seek advice from both Shinobu and Naitou about what to do to about dealing with their growing realationship and end having sex after Chizuru confesses her love to Shigure one night, half naked.

After one of Shinobu’s classmates kiss her while she was sleeping, she punishes the girl by torturing her with her seductive talents with the help of her lover. After that, Naitou realizes that both of the Komai sisters didn’t arrive at class today and she accuses Shinobu of telling Shigure inappropriate advice up on the roof that morning which starts up an argument and an awkward moment between the two girls.

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