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Shiina Ringo - Sanmon Gossip

Discussion in 'Music Downloads' started by aoinkun, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. aoinkun

    aoinkun 日本学者



    1. Ryuukou [流行]
    2. Roudousha [労働者]
    3. Mittei Monogatari [密偵物語]
    4. ○(maru) Chiten Kara [○地点から]
    5. Karisome Otome [カリソメ乙女]
    6. Tsugou no Ii Karada [都合のいい身体]
    7. Shun [旬]
    8. Futaribocchi Jikan [二人ぼっち時間]
    9. Mayakashi Yasaotoko [マヤカシ優男]
    10. Togatta Teguchi [尖った手口]
    11. Irokoizata [色恋沙汰]
    12. Bonsai Hada [凡才肌]
    13. Yokyou [余興]
    14. Marunouchi Sadistic [EXPO Ver.] [丸の内サディスティック]

  2. rbtroy

    rbtroy Yumiko is sad, good bye

    I met this goddess of music in Chile, 2005.
    My chilean friends knows much more music than my german friends
    (actually I'm french, even there we didn't know about good music than in
    the southerner, trembling longest and marvelous country, Chile).
    For me, Japan & Chile are so mystic, classy, unique; Chile is almost an island in south america, these countries got something that I really love, but I don't know what.
    MAYBE (In Chile) their musical summer festival: Vina del mar
    From that festival, days before that 8.8 earth quake: Paul Anka about Michael Jackson.
  3. souwen

    souwen ♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪

    Nice upload man, thanks a lot!