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"Share" only! 素人着エロ倶楽部 まなちゃん 現役中○生

Discussion in 'P2P Downloads' started by Fadeout, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. Fadeout

    Fadeout Member

    This was posted on the usual japanese message board and it deserves some visibility.

    It reminds those "YOFF" videos, this is a long series that is inching more and more toward daring stuff.

    Pretty enough that I deleted the avi and got the iso. Very fast download too.


    (IV) 素人着エロ倶楽部 まなちゃん 現役中○生.avi 786,530,694 0cace01587525c7f5f6bdce75d8254569aa2716f

    (IV) [写女] 素人着エロ倶楽部 まなちゃん 現役中○生 [SM_073].ISO cfed2781a5d6fa8530072da158bfb3fad7291ea3
  2. OBX

    OBX Member

    Cool...nice find, but a torrent for mac users would be great, thanks
  3. tekering

    tekering Active Member

    That's it!:crash:
    I'm buying a new Intel Mac so that I can run Windows and get on Share.

    Notifications like these will really come in handy! Thanks.
  4. sts

    sts neo-otaku

    no torrent for .avi version ? :eek:mg: :why:
  5. dhlman999

    dhlman999 New Member

    thx i love it
    pls post more
  6. bologna

    bologna figlio di puttana

  7. toppy

    toppy New Member

  8. abaw

    abaw New Member

    where is the link?
  9. abaw

    abaw New Member

    where is the ISO link?
  10. mnbv

    mnbv New Member

    Notifications like these will really come in handy! Thanks.
  11. gzpolo

    gzpolo New Member

  12. sengman

    sengman New Member

    i'm sorry to ask here,
    but how can i get the download goin?
    i'm using emule and i have posted question in help folder but none seemed to interested in answering it..
    anyone would be so nice to help me...?
    help needed here...
    hmm thank you very much and i'm really sorry if its not the right place to ask....
  13. daiSho

    daiSho New Member

    thx for this share friend, just my speed. don't suppose you could perhaps PM me w/ the address to the japanese web forum you mentioned where ed2k's are being posted and shared? would love to add a good spot like that to my regular stops when hunting for the more esoteric titles...

    thx in advance, and thx for sharing..!
  14. belekhitam

    belekhitam New Member

    could any body please put it in rapidshare or megaupload
  15. sousse-sat

    sousse-sat New Member

    would be great, than
  16. exciter78

    exciter78 New Member

    thank you sir
    more plz=D
  17. byybht

    byybht New Member

    thankx man have a good job
  18. kinoko-1374

    kinoko-1374 New Member

  19. tti1029

    tti1029 New Member

    thank you have a good job