SDU: Sex Duties Unit 飛虎出征 (2013)


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Jan 15, 2009

Actor / Actress : Chapman To (Actor) | Shawn Yue (Actor) | Chow Hoi Kwong (Actor) | Derek Tsang (Actor) | Simon Lui (Actor) | Siu Yam Yam (Actor) | Lam Suet (Actor) | Jim Chim (Actor) | DaDa Chan (Actor) | Lam Siu Ha (Actor) | Lawrence Chou (Actor) | Joe Cheng (Actor) | Michael Wong (Actor) | Ken Wong (Actor) | Stephen Au (Actor) | Tony Ho (Actor) | Hui Siu Hung (Actor) | Lo Wai Kwong (Actor) | Pang Ho Cheung | Lau Kwong (Actor) | Chun Wong (Actor) | Pong Nan (Actor) | Szeto Roy (Actor) | Lu Yi Xin | JJ Jia (Actor)

Director: Mak Wing Lun

 Hong Kong director Gary Mak mixes the city's favorite genres: police, sex and comedy all into one brew in his latest work SDU: Sex Duties Unit. Produced by Pang Ho Cheung, the films reminds of Pang's 2003 hit Men Suddenly In Black which takes on four men's extramarital affairs in Hong Kong; this time, the concept is similar but the setting has been changed to the Vegas of Asia, Macau. After failing an elite selection, the four-member "Special" Duties Unit played by Chapman To, Shawn Yue, Chow Hoi Kwong and Derek Tsang switch their focus from fighting crimes to a battle of pleasures.
The Special Duties Unit is the elite paramilitary tactical unit of the Hong Kong Police Force with the goal to counter terrorism and the most notorious and dangerous of criminals. After a disappointing international selection process, four members of the B team, Keung (Chapman To), Fu (Shawn Yue), Ho (Chow Hoi Kwong) and Mic (Derek Tsang), organize a private mission codenamed "Sex War." Hiding their true identities, the team illegally sneaks into Macau to visit the bordellos. Their seamless plan, however, is met with an unexpected anti-vice operation. To avoid charges, the four of them work together to break out of prison, turning their ambitious sex mission into a hilarious emergency escape plan…





Language:	Cantonese

Subtitles:	English

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