Saving General Yang 忠烈杨家将 (2013)


Ninja Pig
Jan 15, 2009

Artist Name(s): Ekin Cheng (Actor) | Vic Chou (Actor) | Raymond Lam (Actor) | Wu Chun (Fahrenheit) (Actor) | Adam Cheng (Actor) | Yu Bo (Actor) | Li Chen (Actor) | Ady An (Actor) | Leung Ka Yan (Actor) | Shao Bing (Actor) | Xu Fan (Actor) | Fu Xin Bo (Actor)

Director: Ronny Yu

Action Director: Tung Wai

Producer: Raymond Wong

This is an epical tale about the renowned Song Dynasty’s military defense by the clan of Yang’s against the nomadic Northern nation the Liao, sometimes also known as the Khitans in ancient Chinese history account.

Headed by a charismatic old veteran general named Yang Ye, the Yang Clan has been the major military force protecting the Song Empire and its people against their ever invasive neighbor. From Yang Ye and his wife Madame She, we witness the coming of age of their seven sons namely Ping, Dign, Ang, Hui De, Zhao and Si throughout the various battlefields in the story. The seven young men possess different temperament and characters united under a single banner and a heart of lion.


Language:	Cantonese

Subtitles:	English