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Samsung Bendy Phones: TWO Foldable Galaxy Handsets Set For 2017 Launch?

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Javvee, Sep 18, 2016.

  1. Javvee

    Javvee Well-Known Member

    Samsung’s next big smartphone innovation will
    be devices with a flexible, foldable displays
    according to reports on Tuesday.

    Bloomberg sources (via VentureBeat) say the
    world’s leading phone maker is plotting to unleash
    a device that folds in half onto itself, rather like
    a make-up case.

    A second device would be a 5-inch smartphone
    that would "unfurl" into an 8-inch tablet, according
    to the report.

    The sources say the initiative, codenamed
    Project Valley, will be unveiled as soon as
    Mobile World Congress 2017 next February.

    Samsung has been at the forefront of display
    innovation for years, thanks to its AMOLED tech.

    For years now we’ve seen concepts of rollable bendable
    displays, but so far Samsung has only used its curved
    screen technology with devices in the Galaxy Edge range.

    The plan, according to the sources, would be give Samsung
    a headstart over Apple’s rumoured deployment of OLED
    screens for the iPhone 8 in late 2017.

    The devices would be a new line for Samsung, and not be
    named under the Galaxy S or Galaxy Note lines according
    to the report on Tuesday.

    "This product could be a game-changer if Samsung successfully
    comes up with a user interface suitable for bendable screens"
    Lee Seung Woo, IBK Securities analyst, told Bloomberg.

    "Next year (2017), is a probable scenario".

    "Their biggest obstacle was related to making
    transparent plastics and making them
    durable, which seems resolved
    by now.”

    Are we finally approaching the next
    big thing in mobile?

    Share your thoughts below

    Get Viral News - Samsung Phones With Bendable Screens in 2017

    The price of these phones will walk
    between 600 and 1800 dollars.

    The future has arrived !!
    Sources: Samsung Electronics
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2016