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S.O.D - Father(Juice Actor) Daughter(AV Actress) Are They Able To Have Sex?

Discussion in 'JAV Downloads' started by robokai, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. robokai

    robokai Member

    Soft On Demand Investigation Team - Father (Soup Actor) Daughter (AV Actress), Are They Able To Have Sex? (With Chinese Subtitles)

    japanese title
    ソフト・オン・デマンド調査隊 父(汁男優)娘(AV女優)はセックス出来るのか!?


    too lazy to find video editing tools to cut out the extra stuff

  2. aisyah.saw

    aisyah.saw Member

    is that rmvb similar length with avi version ?
  3. calalo

    calalo New Member

    have prob on clip no.7..can u fix it?
  4. herluvr

    herluvr New Member

    thanks for the rmvb
  5. roaddog2007

    roaddog2007 New Member

  6. rawdawg

    rawdawg Member

    this was a crazy movie..i wonder if anyone could possibly translate what the girl was saying at the end or before the sex started.

    it looks like its real. The father has sex with the daughter but she doesnt know it because shes blindfolded and it seems like she has to say "oto-san" to who she THINKS is another actor. That does add the kink factor but it really would have been kinky if she took off the blind fold and saw her real father up in there.

    Very interesting. Thanks a lot

    BTW...whats a "JUICE actor" ?

    Oh wait....i got it now...one whos job is to ejaculate....perfect for the nakadashi and gokkun flicks...
  7. treckerman

    treckerman Member

    What is the name of the actor and actress?
  8. carlbiga

    carlbiga New Member

    is this real?
  9. tearsmaker

    tearsmaker RS LOVER

  10. carlbiga

    carlbiga New Member

    The name of the actress is Arisu Tigasaki.
  11. roaddog2007

    roaddog2007 New Member

  12. Kasuga

    Kasuga 大阪

    At the end it goes something like this:

    Man: Arisu, how did it feel?

    Arisu: It felt really good

    M: really good?

    M: Are you tired?

    A: a little bit.

    M: The theme for this one is father daughter incest

    A: yes

    M: Did you feel it?

    A: yes

    M: you felt it?

    A: mm

    M: What if we get your father to make love to you

    A: I can't do it.

    M: You can't do it?

    A: mm

    M: But your father is also a man although this time you didn't make love with your father.

    M: I want to ask you a question, if another man about your father's age is there anything different?

    A: anything different?

    A: I don't know

    A: your saying making love with my father and another man who is my father's age?

    M: no your age

    A: my age.

    M: and a man that looks like your father

    A: Older guys a better

    M: How is Moriyama's technique?

    A: technique?

    M: Is Moriyama's technique good?

    A: Yes, he is very good

    Moriyama: Thank you

    Man: If there is a new AV that involves you and your dad making love would you do it?

    A: No way

    M: Making love won't kill you.

    A: I don't want to die and I don't want to do it

    M: what if we gave you more money?

    A: No

    M: Well if you change your mind please give us a call

    A: We'll see

    M: We will plan it out.

    M: thank you for your hard work.

    A: thank you

    M: At the end say "father you made me feel so good" and then its finished.

    A: Father you made me feel so good

    Please excuse my poor translation as my Chinese is not that good.
  13. carlbiga

    carlbiga New Member

    just wondering if that is her real father..
  14. peng_uin

    peng_uin New Member

    Is this in Chinese???!!:secret:eek:r Japnese???!!!
  15. Kasuga

    Kasuga 大阪

    The subtitles are in Chinese.
  16. carlbiga

    carlbiga New Member

    can you translate the beggining of the video during the interview?
  17. azuu138

    azuu138 New Member

    hm.....the rs has exceeded the download limit...
    do you mind to upload again?
  18. robokai

    robokai Member

    reuploaded the files
  19. dekjun

    dekjun Member

    I can't download this website

    reupload to megaupload please T_T
  20. matkelly75

    matkelly75 New Member

    one of the best movies!
    are there any more in this series?