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RUNBKK torrent packs

Discussion in 'JAV Discussion' started by watermouse588, May 27, 2018.

  1. watermouse588

    watermouse588 New Member

    Does anyone know what's happening to RUNBKK?
    He/she used to post torrent packs every few days, but been almost a month and no torrent post from RUNBKK. Hope all is well for him/her.
  2. darksider59

    darksider59 Akiba Citizen

    It takes time to do that and maybe he is budy with his own private life.

    RUNBKK Well-Known Member

    look down #12
    Actresses Collection torrent Pack
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2018
  4. dewback

    dewback Active Member

    guy is a god
    darksider59 and Besh like this.
  5. h0rn3t

    h0rn3t New Member

    @RUNBKK. where do you get the FHD without watermark? from private tracker?
  6. rice12345

    rice12345 Active Member

    There's a new batch of packs just out
  7. ding73ding

    ding73ding Akiba Citizen

    The vids are amazing, no watermark FHD encoded just right. But why pack them into mega packs? Is it that easier/more convenient for the uploader/seeder? I don't even know it would generate any more income/benefit for the uploader. But surely mega packs would increase the seeder's costs (bandwidth).

    From the leeches (me) point of view, I prefer releases as individual vids instead of mega pack, I would never download a whole mega pack. Say... I do like PPPD, but I never want 20 consecutive PPPD, I want only 3-5 out of 20 so I put on your torrent and manually uncheck the 16 vids out of 20 and let it finish. Anyway there's a good chance I have to wait a long time for my wanted vid because it takes months for PPPD to release 20 vids.
  8. hairy_bush

    hairy_bush SLF Refugee

    Dude are you complaining!! Why are you complaining!! Are you questioning the man!! The only person still putting up unwatermarked FHD vids!!

    It makes it way easier to DL from one pack instead of searching thru multiple torrents.

    Plus RUNBKK does actress packs too like Jessica Kizaki, Julia, Anri Okita which makes looking for her movies so easy.

    If you are so eager to get 'XXX' movie, DL the crappy version, then wait for the FHD version to come out
    spinach.squad and ionmu like this.
  9. dewback

    dewback Active Member

    Don't take dingding too seriously sir
  10. watermouse588

    watermouse588 New Member

    Thank you for all you have done so far sir. RESPECTED !!!
  11. jav-watcher

    jav-watcher Active Member

    @RUNBKK Thank you for all your amazing work. Please consider doing an actress pack for Maki Hojo :peace:
    Blade Runner and Uno qualunque like this.
  12. RUNBKK

    RUNBKK Well-Known Member

    Attached Files:

  13. hairy_bush

    hairy_bush SLF Refugee

    OMG I just got a new 3TB HDD...just in time for RUNBKK's mega packs!!
    dewback and darksider59 like this.
  14. hiten

    hiten New Member

    Thank you for all your work RUNBK. I hope you consider doing an actress pack for Minami Airi みなみ愛梨