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[姫野蜜柑] ろりはれっちゅ[英訳]

Discussion in 'Translated Hentai Manga Torrents' started by Robot_X, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. Robot_X

    Robot_X Akiba Citizen

    Other manga.

    English Gallery for Himeno Mikan's second tankoubon "Loli Hare Chu", updated with chapters 5 and 6!
    Since this is from my favorite gag/loli-artist I'll be retranslating/retypesetting previous stories to reflect my always increasing competence in japanese.

    Over half-way done! Next update will include one of my top favorites (chapter 7) and the untranslated chapter 8. ^_^

    Translated by Mistvern

    Name: Loli Hare Chu (Ch.1-6) [ENG]
    Author: Himeno Mikan
    Pages: 117
    Size: +123MB
    Publisher: Tenma Comics LO

    Enjoy :beautifu2:

    Attached Files:

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