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Ring Clock: A Unique Watch For Your Finger. 1 Video

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Javvee, Sep 14, 2013.

  1. Javvee

    Javvee Well-Known Member

    Although largely taken out of fashion by the smartphone and smartwatch age, timepieces are fighting back.

    So if you’re still a fan of time telling devices that do just that, but want something that feels modern and
    unusual at the same time, you might want to give this Ring Clock a try.

    This ultra-modern finger watch was thought pretty much unconceivable a couple of years ago, but it has
    now become reality and despite a few flaws, it makes for quite an exciting gadget.

    The Ring Clock was initially designed by Hungarian inventor Gusztav Szikszai in 2001, for a competition of
    products impossible to make back then, but possible ten years later.

    But it seems the unique finger watch is way ahead of its time, becoming reality only two years after the

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    The Desktop Charger

    View attachment 18918

    At a first glance, the device looks just like a chunky, broad ring of stainless steel made. It is nonadjustable
    so it can only be worn where it fits, which is an inconvenient if you want to try it on all fingers.

    Other than that, it will be custom made according to your size specifications.

    It is made of an outer ring and an inner ring. The former has three different bands: the first two have
    markings for 24 hours and for the minutes, while the third band has dots indicating the seconds.

    The finger watch is normally in an inert state and only shows the time if you spin the outside ring.

    When you spin the ring, the relevant numbers light up (in blue or orange LEDs) bands to show
    you the correct time.

    The ring was designed to remain in ‘sleep’ mode instead of constantly showing the time in order to
    keep battery use to the minimum and ultimately extend battery life.

    And this is probably the biggest inconvenient this gadget has: the battery only lasts the hours before
    it needs to be recharged and its lifespan is only three years.

    The bad news is that it’s not replaceable.

    As for how you can set the time, given that the ring has no buttons or dials, that can be done via the
    same Qi wireless charger pad used to power the battery back up.

    The team behind the Ring Clock has launched a crowdfunding campaign for the unique timepiece
    seeking to raise $287,000.

    Backers can get their own finger watch for a basic pledge of $195.

    The product is expected to start shipping in April next year 2014.

    What do you think of the finger clock?

    Would you buy it, even if its battery has a limited lifespan?

    Ring Clock: A Unique Watch For Your Finger . 1 Video.




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