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Discussion in 'JAV Idol requests' started by wawawawa, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. wawawawa

    wawawawa New Member

    If anyone has this video then please let me know the direct download links. I would be very much obliged. So sorry that I can't download from torrent as my machine can't handle it.

    This is about 3 chinese amateurs acrobat girls making a wonderful show. The video is a Moodyz product.

    Studio: ムーディーズ|
    DVD: MDJ-097
    Release date: 2004年9月1日
    Time: 100分 Maker: Joker
  2. jaylorjepp

    jaylorjepp FIRE・SOUL・LOVE

  3. wawawawa

    wawawawa New Member

    Thank you so much for a very quick respond. However that forum does not offer new sign up. I would be thankful if you have any other source instead. Thank you again for your very kind help.
  4. jaylorjepp

    jaylorjepp FIRE・SOUL・LOVE

    I dont know whats going on with puretna.com right now its seems theres something wrong with their tracker.....the uploader of that file say that he ...''Got this off emule very old and rare file the girls are hot and flexible enjoy the show folks. xbox 360 compatible :)CENSORED!''......try emule search for Moodyz MDJ-097 All Nude Chinese Acrobat......the file size should be 1.72 GB
  5. wawawawa

    wawawawa New Member

    Thank you for your instruction. I will try it
  6. aolookey

    aolookey Thankful Member

    Mmmm looks so good. Let's hope we can come up with it.
  7. yapoo

    yapoo New Member

    emule still works? Anyone got a seed for the torrent?
  8. jemspace

    jemspace Member

    It looks like the seeder in the PureTNA torrent has problems and no one has downloaded a complete version of it.
    However, on eMule the name seems to be Zenra Naked Ballet, so search for that.
    I have Zenra Naked Ballet II from PureTNA but it didn't appeal to my tastes. It was a real ballet performed in the nude. This torrent MDJ-097 seems to be more acrobatics.
    But I am not interested enough to try getting it from eMule. I have had problems running eMule and uTorrent in parallel (the computer hangs sometimes).

    Yes, PureTNA have closed signups from early July. Their tracker has major problems and they are rewriting it, but that programmer left, so they need another one.

    Also, if you like this type of thing, search PureTNA for "flexible". There are site rips of European naked gymnasts.
  9. hitman007

    hitman007 New Member

    I'm glad China is opening up her thighs to the world. There are hundreds of thousands of beauties there, lol.
  10. Botuloid

    Botuloid Member

    emule shows a number of hits. I'll try and download a copy and if one of them is the real thing, I'll upload a copy to mediafire or someplace like that.
  11. Botuloid

    Botuloid Member


    Sorry for the immense delay, but it took forever to find a real copy and then it downloaded at a snail's pace. Finally though, I have a copy of what appears to be the real thing. Download it here:

  12. jinkuchi

    jinkuchi Member

    its good. emule has it.