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Request Chikan Densha Otoko series

Discussion in 'Request Hentai' started by randomuser00, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. randomuser00

    randomuser00 New Member

    I've only found videos of this game online and I was wondering if anyone on here actually had the game itself:

    Title: Chikan Densha Otoko ~Densetsu no Target~
    Original Title: 痴漢電車男~伝説のターゲット~ パッケージ版
    Type: 3d animation.
    Release date: 2007-07-27
    Developer: Guilty+
    Publisher: Guilty+
    Catalog no. WILL-187
    Offical Website: http://www.guilty-soft.com/plus/plus10/top_off.html





    Also, I'm looking for the two other games in this series if someone has them.