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[R]Versailles - Noble(SASCD045)

Discussion in 'Request Music' started by FalconCAF, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. FalconCAF

    FalconCAF New Member

    I hope this is the right area for this question. I recently discovered Visual Kei and been watching PV's of my favorite bands on youtube. I wanted to buy their cd's and found out how expensive they were.

    I've checked CDJapan, while they are cheaper than most sites, the shipping costs will be a real killer. I know about the tip of using "Air Mail" option but imho it'll be still not cheap.

    I checked JapanFiles.com and one of my fav bands has their new album available for D/L for 6 bucks. I'll do that but they don't have my other fav band.. ugh.

    Amazon.com has Versailles' "NOBLE" CD for 11 bucks, guess I can order that.

    Sorry for the rant, but are there sites that have J-Metal/Visual Kei CDs cheap?