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[R]Shizuka Kanno Requests

Discussion in 'JAV Idol requests' started by Illmac, May 16, 2015.

  1. Illmac

    Illmac Perca

    ok first off.. i don't know if its legal or not, but basically i'm looking for a few videos i cannot find, some have been posted here before but dead links and others i haven't found

    i was wondering if anyone could help find and provide DL links - and i could xfer some money via paypal .. I'm not talking a lot of money, but just a few bucks for your efforts .. if needed that is, i mean if you can find the videos free or already have them and don't wish to charge, that'd be most generous
    or if you need videos yourself, i have a pretty large collection of western videos, even if i don't have it, i can find a lot of it

    but i am really looking for SHizuka Kanno videos , i have a lot , but according to javlibrary, i dont even have 10 percent of her videos .. i'm not really trying to acquire all of them, just most of the deepthroat ones or scenes she has a serious deepthroat

    examples of what i'm looking for are

    Ec-106 (i have a bad quality version)
    Maybe EMu-085 (bad quality version i have too)

    or maybe suggestions for other vids of her, or scenes she has a nice hard bj or deepthroat ( i have one of the ddt ones already, forgot which one)

    I found a site that charges 6 a video but i'm not sure the reliability so i've decided to post here and see, because this is prob the best forum communities i've come across..

    well i dont know how often the requests get read, but thank you for your time
  2. Casshern2

    Casshern2 Senior Member...I think

    Illmac, the requests get read quite often, I'd imagine. How often are they answered is the question that should be asked. Some do get answered. Others get a lot of reads only and the occasional response such as "YES! I want that, TOO!" At least they are enthusiastic.

    Fear not, though, because this is an answer! It isn't your entire list but it is one of them. I like Kanno Shizuka because she has a magic mouth. Boy, can she make some things disappear.


    edit: I'll check if any of my drives have any of the others.
    Illmac likes this.
  3. Illmac

    Illmac Perca

    ook ok thank you thank you .. yea, i have many actresses i like but I keep going back to Shizuka in the end, she doesn't have the best body but she always seems perfect in her scenes .. appreciate it all, if you do have more, I'd great appreciate it .. if you are looking for something back (as i stated in the first post here) .. PM me privately

    thank you again friend
  4. Casshern2

    Casshern2 Senior Member...I think

    It's not a stellar HD version, but it's complete. I'll have a look.
  5. needs more loli

    needs more loli Don't underestimate lolis!

    I have REAL-431 and EC-106 if you're still interested.

    Complete name               : Shizuka Kanno (REAL-431).WMV
    Format                      : Windows Media
    File size                   : 1.40 GiB
    Duration                    : 2h 36mn
    Overall bit rate mode       : Constant
    Overall bit rate            : 1 285 Kbps
    Maximum Overall bit rate    : 1 264 Kbps
    Encoded date                : UTC 1970-01-01 00:00:00.000
    WM/EncodingSettings         : Lavf54.29.104
    ID                          : 1
    Format                      : WMV2
    Codec ID                    : WMV2
    Codec ID/Info               : Windows Media Video 8
    Description of the codec    : wmv2
    Duration                    : 2h 36mn
    Bit rate                    : 1 161 Kbps
    Width                       : 800 pixels
    Height                      : 450 pixels
    Display aspect ratio        : 16:9
    Frame rate                  : 24.000 fps
    Bit depth                   : 8 bits
    Bits/(Pixel*Frame)          : 0.134
    Stream size                 : 1.27 GiB (90%)
    ID                          : 2
    Format                      : WMA
    Format version              : Version 2
    Codec ID                    : 161
    Codec ID/Info               : Windows Media Audio
    Description of the codec    : Windows Media Audio V8
    Duration                    : 2h 36mn
    Bit rate                    : 64.0 Kbps
    Channel(s)                  : 2 channels
    Sampling rate               : 44.1 KHz
    Bit depth                   : 16 bits
    Stream size                 : 71.5 MiB (5%)
    Complete name               : Shizuka Kanno (EC-106).avi
    Format                      : AVI
    Format/Info                 : Audio Video Interleave
    Format profile              : OpenDML
    File size                   : 1.36 GiB
    Duration                    : 2h 38mn
    Overall bit rate            : 1 228 Kbps
    Writing application         : Lavf52.31.1
    ID                          : 0
    Format                      : xvid
    Codec ID                    : xvid
    Duration                    : 2h 38mn
    Bit rate                    : 1 148 Kbps
    Width                       : 720 pixels
    Height                      : 400 pixels
    Display aspect ratio        : 4:3
    Frame rate                  : 29.970 fps
    Bits/(Pixel*Frame)          : 0.133
    Stream size                 : 1.27 GiB (94%)
    ID                          : 1
    Format                      : MPEG Audio
    Format version              : Version 1
    Format profile              : Layer 3
    Mode                        : Joint stereo
    Mode extension              : MS Stereo
    Codec ID                    : 55
    Codec ID/Hint               : MP3
    Duration                    : 2h 38mn
    Bit rate mode               : Constant
    Bit rate                    : 64.0 Kbps
    Channel(s)                  : 2 channels
    Sampling rate               : 44.1 KHz
    Compression mode            : Lossy
    Stream size                 : 72.6 MiB (5%)
    Alignment                   : Aligned on interleaves
    Interleave, duration        : 26 ms (0.78 video frame)
    Interleave, preload duratio : 52 ms
    Writing library             : LAMEUUULAME3.98
  6. Illmac

    Illmac Perca

    oh ye? sorry i haven't been on here much. I been occupied lately. But saw a notification in an email actually. Actually would be interested. U charging or offering?
  7. needs more loli

    needs more loli Don't underestimate lolis!

    Charging... :haha:
    No. I figure I got them for free so I'll share them for free as well.
    Casshern2 likes this.
  8. needs more loli

    needs more loli Don't underestimate lolis!

    Here you go:

    I'll leave them up on my Google Drive for about a week.
    If someone wants to file host them feel free to as I'm too lazy:ngantuk:
    Illmac likes this.
  9. Illmac

    Illmac Perca

    you are the man. the only links for those i could find were premium rapidgator accounts. but last time i paid for 1 month rapidgator, they charged me 2 months .
    downloading the links now.. Cheers. if you need any help with anything, lemme know. i appreciate the links !
    needs more loli likes this.