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[R]Girls in Fundoshis (Japanese loincloth bikinis)

Discussion in 'JAV Idol requests' started by lcchan, May 25, 2009.

  1. lcchan

    lcchan Member

  2. elgringo14

    elgringo14 Survived to Japan Super Moderator

  3. lcchan

    lcchan Member

    :sigh: I KNOW dude. Why do you think I'm asking this? Besides, I REALLY prefer them being on women.
  4. Sakunyuusha

    Sakunyuusha New Member

    I guess now I'd say it's because you've got a thing for girls with "packages."

    Jokes aside, nothing in your first post suggested that you were an expert on Japanese clothing, culture, tradition, etc. For all we know you've been led to believe that the Japanese word for underwear is "fundoshi." And now for all we know you could be a Japanese native. We know nothing about you, and part of the reason for that is because you haven't told us anything except "MORE FUNDOSHIS PLZ", so elgringo's reply isn't something you need to feel frustrated with. He was just trying to help. If you already knew, okay, fine, but if it bothers you to be informed about things you're already an expert on, then I'd advise you in the future to provide a little more context for your request. That way people know how much they should and how much they shouldn't assume you already know.

    As an outsider, you'll have to forgive my lack of knowledge on the topic, but have you tried asking Japanese clothes fetishists? Instead of specifically honing in on fundoshi, if you have other fetishes involving clothing (like maid costumes or swimsuits or school girl uniforms), then it might be best to start off searching for a group of people who are well-informed about all of those things in general; and then once you find those people, to then ask them, "Hey, can anyone here point me in the direction of more women-wearing-fundoshi videos?" Since A-O doesn't have a clothes-dedicated board (afaik), you're looking for the needle in a haystack right now.

    Do you speak any Japanese? Assuming you do not (don't be offended like before if you actually do!), here are some things you may want to try searching for:

    エロ = ero
    褌 = fundoshi
    not 相撲 = sumo (so if you see 相撲 , it's probably talking about sumo wrestlers' use of fundoshi)
    水着 = mizugi (swimsuit)
    海 = umi (ocean, but what you'd want to use if searching normally for the word "beach" in English, since it's more likely for a Japanese person to refer to a porn video being shot at the 海 than on the "beach" as we say in English)
    ビキニ = bikini
  5. Ceewan

    Ceewan Famished

    I know where I first enjoyed viewing females in Fundoshi outfits, that was pictures of various Hadaka Matsuri. The young people look really cute in the outfit.
  6. elgringo14

    elgringo14 Survived to Japan Super Moderator

    Yeah I like to be called the dude :perfectplan:

  7. lcchan

    lcchan Member

    :petrfied: If you're implying I'm attracted to hermaphrodites, you're DEAD wrong Holmes.

    I'm sorry if I sounded rude, but I just assumed that you'd know what I'm talking about and wanted. Hell, even the links I provided should make sense!!

    Do I speak Japanese? No. And the reason I'm posting this on on this board is because it's the one with the utmost abundance of resources of Japanese media. Again, I'm sorry if you note my agitation, alright?
  8. Ceewan

    Ceewan Famished

    You know those are a pair of good nics there, both elgringo14 and Sakunyuusha, and they made an effort to reply and help in this thread. So at least they were kind enough to be interested and not just ignore you. Both the Wiki link and the Japanese translations contain information to help you search for what you are looking for. lcchan you didn't even say thank you. I suppose if any of the three repliers so far knew any direct links to the subject matter you were searching for we would have shared them. Good luck on your search.
  9. lcchan

    lcchan Member

    *Ugh* Alright, if you want me to be appreciative anyway, THANKS. To all of you.
  10. lcchan

    lcchan Member

    Begging You All

    Well, I've found these idols who pose in fundoshis all I need to do is found out WHERE to download them.


    I am begging, I am BEGGING you all please help me find them!!! :wait: :cry:

    Oh, and I already know of Haruka Sanada so don't bother with her.
  11. elgringo14

    elgringo14 Survived to Japan Super Moderator

    Icchan strikes back! :snicker2:

    Where are the fundoishi girls in the blog you linked to ? I see only random women in all kind of outfits, but not on your favourite fetish.
    Am I overlooking something or what ?

    Is there an actual post where they are ?
  12. lcchan

    lcchan Member

    Well, they're specifically listed here on this blog: http://weapon.blog2.fc2.com/blog-date-20090716.html