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Premium Users Only files

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by CoolKevin, May 21, 2012.

  1. elgringo14

    elgringo14 Survived to Japan Super Moderator

    I guess these two are very aggressive on the payment side, and each newcomer tries to outbid the opponents. The trend did not stop because of the MU events, unfortunately.

    I don't think we can agree on a common filehosters list, just because the uploaders and the downloaders have a different agenda...

    It could be done on a section basis, at least for the ones which are really active, and have a real community (JAV, IV, JI, maybe hentai).

    Or you make it differently. Like having a "good" hosters list, and if someone uses at least one of the list, his upload cannot be mirrored for 7 days. You are not forced to use them, but this is strongly suggested this way.

    I opened a thread to ask the community about what filehosters should be simply banned, and nothing consistent really came out.
  2. example100000

    example100000 Rei's beauty #___#

    Now that premium only files are disallowed, people *ehem* taruhei *ehem* (much respected original posters) are now putting up their premium content up with 2 different hosts, with just one host (that's painfully slow to the extent it's unusable) that's free to use. Nothing can be done about this?
  3. elgringo14

    elgringo14 Survived to Japan Super Moderator

    I would suggest to provide at least two "free" options for uploads.

    Well posters don't have to provide two different hosters for each upload, but if they provide less than three, then all of them must be of free access.

    What you guys think about it?
  4. example100000

    example100000 Rei's beauty #___#

    Sounds good. By the way, you made 2 copies of that post.
  5. elgringo14

    elgringo14 Survived to Japan Super Moderator

    All good things come in pair I guess :notagain:

    Anyway this is the only alternative I see, as we can't settle for a recommended filehosters list.
  6. JavjavJAV

    JavjavJAV p0rnMeNow

    there is no recommended filehost I guess
    I'm already lost about 2 TB JAV Movie files in rapidshare
    and about 1TB JAV Movie in fileserve mirrored in filesonic
    and for now I have 1,5 TB JAV Movie in my freakshare and 1TB JAV Movie files in uploaded.to

    and I dont know does those file host are still gonna run or not
    I'm uploading files are just for fun more like a hobby

    if anyone talking about real poster, I still dont know who is the real poster, I might be know the faster poster and then the other will post the same topic as a mirror.
    But real poster ? So many poster just come and go in this board especially in filesonic era
    I've been doing this (posting JAV Movie) since 2009 so I can identified who's the faster poster by searching a DVD code
    and when there is a new fast poster I'm only say to myself may be his old ID got banned and then he using new ID to post here
  7. CFUD

    CFUD Member

    You know what? There's something to be said about downloading pirated JAVs.
    But buying a premium acct just to download pirated JAVs....now that's some messed up, blurred-lined moral battle right there.
  8. samcch86

    samcch86 New Member

    There is a urgent need to implement on which premium account to be use on here. Right now its a mess here, members are all posting their files with all kind of premium... i can't possibly sign up for a premium just to download one file right? i believe none of us will do that. I think the aministrator need to decide and control which premium are allow here, and to ensure all members follow.
  9. Jossie.C

    Jossie.C New Member

    I think, if i became one of admin here, i cant do that, since every months, they got sponsor from different file hosting.

    I agree with @samcch86, i dont want too become premium user just cause 1 or 2 movies that i want.
  10. CoolKevin

    CoolKevin Nutcase on the loose Staff Member Super Moderator

    we know of the problem, but filehosters come and go, and in some countries there is a different situation i.e., some hosters are banned by the country, also paying for premium I hear is becoming a problem to, as I have said before, check what you favourite poster uploads to and the go for premium, and do not forget our spomsors
  11. iTwins

    iTwins Jade Collector

    I read the first post and despite claiming to have stopped premium only links, I still see a lot posting single-file links that only premium users can download. However, I may have mistaken the meaning of "premium only".

    I am just curious to know the meaing of "we will delete any posts from now that are premium only". Do you mean:

    1) Deleting posts that mention the words "premium only"?
    2) Deleting posts that have multiple RAR parts and the first RAR part free users can download while subsequent parts only premium users can download? <-- that's hilarious and smart.
    3) Deleting posts that show, for example, 2 filehost links where the first one is a Rapidgater link that free users can download while the 2nd one is Ryushare link that only premium users can download?
    4) Deleting posts that show filehost that no matter what you do you cannot successfully download as a free user despite claiming to offer free downloads for free users?
    5) Deleting posts that use filehosts that it could take 10 years to download at 10 KB/s and aborts frequently?

    I've seen all of the above on Akiba and I am sure there are a few more tricks but I couldn't remember on the top of my head now.
  12. CoolKevin

    CoolKevin Nutcase on the loose Staff Member Super Moderator

    a couple of problems here, we get very few reports of premium links only, and those that are reported, I have found the free links work, I think it must be at times when things do not work, and we do have more than one of us that checks the links

    1) we do delete posts that are premium only

    2) if that does happen it is you (the members) that needs to report it and lets us know which link is premium only, I do not go through every link, as something there have been over 40

    3) single link premium posts can be posted, but there HAS to be free links to it as well,

    4) filehosts operate differently in different countries, that is why it is best to use different hosters, local ISP blocks etc. you can request for a different file host as well

    5) is pretty much the same number 4

    Final Summary is REPORT IT, no use sitting on it, we do not download everything,
  13. iTwins

    iTwins Jade Collector

    Thanks, I did report #3 but no action was taken. However, I have to admit there is a grey area here. It really depends on how big the file is. If the file is less than 500 mb, for example, and filehost A allows up to 500 MB download for free users and filehost B would require premium accounts, that post seem valid. However if the file is 1 GB, then that post would have 2 filehost links that require premium-only. It really depends on which post the Mod examined. A couple of these "valid posts" and the mod would assume it's false alarm. Likewise, I don't check every posts he makes and I never report twice. Over-reporting would make me look desperate and few more times it would be cry-wolf.

    Initially I thought #3 is against the rule and I reported on that. It may just happen that post contain 1 free-for-user filehost and the other a premium only. But I did saw posts of big files that require premium for both filehosts.
  14. pocs

    pocs Multi-Terabytes Collector

    Ok...does that mean now, if i post two filehost
    the first filehost is defeinitely premium only but with many parts

    The second filehost, same number of split parts, but can be download by freee user is valid?
  15. IdolFun

    IdolFun ★ ☆ I Am God ☆★ Super Moderator

  16. Summer-Time-Fun

    Summer-Time-Fun Well-Known Member

    Here is something that really needs to be addressed. The ISO download links (here) are hosted on a multi upload service and that's great and all, but when you go to click each link, about 2 or 3 of the links are missing a host-provider. For example: I use Rapid Gator, but the 2nd and 4th link for the ISO download is not listing gator ..but the other links do. I'm seen this more and more lately.
    It's a scam as far as I'm concerned. Because they're advertizing multi hosing but they're leaving out some of the hosts at various links.
    The only thing I can think of is they're hopping people will have no choice but to order service from one of the other providers listed. Unless there's another reason it's false advertizing.

    Why are we supporting these CO's :dunno:
  17. CoolKevin

    CoolKevin Nutcase on the loose Staff Member Super Moderator

    in the case of the link above, it could be a mistake, if you send a friendly pm, I am sure it will be rectified, I know in some cases it will not be, and you are right to bring it to our attention, you can and should report it, because we all may think it is only a mistake, so if they all get reported and that develops a pattern, we can then deal with it better,

    Thank you for letting us know, and we will try to keep an eye out
  18. Summer-Time-Fun

    Summer-Time-Fun Well-Known Member

    Good idea, I'll send a PM if a find anymore. I just thought it might have been something the hosting company's were doing intentionally to get more business, not so much the up loaders. And as mentioned, I've found already 5 different multi hosting sites over the last month or so with this issue. But the others I mention were not links posted here, they were just site I found on Google.

    Thanks for showing concern coolkevin, much appreciated! :tea:
  19. 910

    910 Member

    Whilst I agree entirely with this, it still bothers me that some people think they should be able to have EVERYTHING for free. Life just doesn't work like that. Many people who upload and post to boards like this actually spend a lot of money on subscriptions and premium hosting memberships to be able to do it. It's a shame the freeloaders. lurkers and leechers don't recognise this.....
  20. japseye

    japseye Member

    It's not a case of everybody thinking they should have everything for free. It's a case of why are people trying to force people to pay for something they themselves got for free somewhere else. You say "many people", but the fact is that it's a very small minority of uploaders who actually pay "a lot of money" to obtain and share their files.