Pornstar Yui Hatano on Taiwanese travel cards


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Sep 13, 2015
So this is old news, but I have just recently discovered the news section here, on the forums. Regardless, I thought I'd still make a post about this.

So, Yui Hatano was featured on swipe cards used in public transport, and the company who made them got criticised for it. I'll just shamelessly copy the bulletin points from the website:

  • Cards feature images of Yui Hatano with the words 'angels' and 'demons'
  • Provoked fury despite her being pictured from elbows up and fully clothed
  • Critics say the images disrespect women and are inappropriate for children
  • Company now offers them via phone hotline only after anger from stores
You can read the whole article (and see the cards in question) here.

I personally think it's all right. Those photos are no more inappropriate than underwear/bikini ads, and I doubt they have a problem with those. What I don't understand is the reason that they chose Yui Hatano, while they could have chosen a Taiwanese woman, even though the article gives us some explanation regarding that. But then, I did some research, and it turns out that there is this actress called Lin Chi-Ling, whom Yui Hatano resembles. Let me copy/paste a couple of lines from her Wikipedia page:

"One of the unintended results of Lin Chi-ling phenomenon is that due to Lin's popularity among her Chinese fans, some Japanese pornographic actresses resembling Lin have become more famous and more popular among Chinese fans than their native homeland Japan, and received nicknames given by their China fans in association with Lin Chi-ling, such as in the case of Yui Hatano, who is frequently referred by Chinese fans as AV Lin Chi-ling, and Nozomi Aso (麻生希/あそう のぞみ), who is frequently referred by Chinese fans as AV little Lin Chi-ling."

Lin Chi-Ling (left) and Yui Hatano (right)


So, what do you guys think? Was the criticism justified? Would you have preferred a Taiwanese woman to be featured on the cards? (My blind, unconditional and undying adoration for Cyndi Wang says it should have been her even with how she looks nowadays!) Does Yui Hatano really look like Lin Chi-Ling? How much do you think that influenced the company's decision?
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