Please Identify her... looking for her since 2014


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Sep 18, 2016
source - i guess i dowloaded from but the file was delete.
image- screenshotted
link for the video -!u1xyUBSJ!5-O540MJMojuwrQr88WQnutnI21JBHzhSiAtw8U7rco

i have almost researched evryting but couldnt find her :(
help me find this girl....
Untitled 1.png
Untitled 2.png
Untitled 3.png
Untitled 4.png
Untitled 5.png
Untitled 7.png

if possible please can you give the video ID similar to this one

thank you
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Jan 20, 2012
Excellent work, Kane-K!

Trying to overlook what she has done to her lips, Fuka Sasaki has a spectacular face. Interesting career, too... according to her R18 filmography, she started out in 2003, appears to have tapered off by 2009... but kept coming back now and then. (Hard to tell whether her later multi-actress and super-long movies were all compilations, such as the example from above, 2013's FABS-001.) It seems she has focused on superheroine and lesbian movies, and her appearances with men lack the hardcore scenes, such as S&M 20 [SKU-20]. That was from a year ago, months before she wrapped it up (thus far) in December 2015's GIGA venture, Shock Squadron Perfect Ranger ACT.06 [TOR-24].


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