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Photography books - technical?

Discussion in 'Cameras and Photography' started by BudEWiser, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. BudEWiser

    BudEWiser Active Member

    I'm actually shocked, that on a forum such as this, the photography child forum isn't more popular. While some may argue that books are not technology related, they are great learning aids to help one develop their abilities with their cameras. I think any instructional advice should be welcome.

    "Learning to See Creatively"
    On the matter, here is one not so technical book that has helped me greatly. I'm not much for writing reviews, but this book has helped my ability to keep my eyes peeled for new and exciting photographs.
    There are PDFs of this book floating around.

    "Understanding Exposure - 3rd Edition"
    This one is awesome, and is quite technical. It will help you understand and overcome the technical limitations of your exposure meter, and create great photographs. It was written at a time before the advent of digital cameras and "HDR" but it still applies today. A copy of the second edition was given to me by my mentor when I got my first film camera, years ago.
    Again there are PDFs of this one floating around, doesn't take much to find them.

    I'm not selling anything, I just wanted to share a piece of personal experience with others, so they may too benefit from the knowledge that has helped me develop my own creative style.
    If any one knows more books that are of great use, please post them.
  2. aquamarine

    aquamarine I Know Better Than You

    I think that offering advice is good but there's SO much advice to give that unless someone asks, I don't think many of us who are involved in the trade (or hobby for others) see much merit to just posting advice.

    Plus for me, I'm just too lazy.

    Ask a question and I'll answer but until then, I have other things to do. Like lurk.
  3. BudEWiser

    BudEWiser Active Member

    I agree, but Since I was just beginning in this, those are the two books that I have found as required reading for nearly every photography course offered in my area, and many photographers that I have asked, before the digital era, "If there is only one book you would recommend to any aspiring photographer, what would it be?" and all but one told me "Understanding exposure," I figured it would be a good idea to throw them out there for any one too hesitant to ask. The book was extremely helpful back when shots cost $3 per photo just to get your slides. And it's still helpful today to keep frustration levels down.
    Another thing is that it is intimidating. Anything other than the entry level cameras (I own two of them) is extremely expensive, and many photographers get cocky when the person asks a question, because they have worked so hard to get where they are. Sure in the internet age it's easier to find photographers willing to answer the "dumb" questions, but many still take on an elitist attitude and won't help out someone who doesn't know focal length from f-stop.
    I think any route to getting the information into the hands of those who may be curious is worth it.
    I won't be posting tutorials for lighting, or how to frame a wonderful shot, or how to get an upskirt from half a mile away, but putting general, useful information out there is in the best interest for every one.
  4. porkar

    porkar New Member

    Hmm, "how to get an upskirt from half a mile away" would interest me.:pandalaugh:
  5. BudEWiser

    BudEWiser Active Member

    500mm lens or longer... 'nuff said.
  6. nagaraka

    nagaraka New Member

    I am also learning photography or maybe trying to learn since every now and then something comes up that interrupts my learning process.
    I got some books but in the end I prefer videos such as the ones on the Lynda website.
  7. porkar

    porkar New Member

    maybe an 800 metre lens with a bend in it would be more like it.
  8. BudEWiser

    BudEWiser Active Member

    Well, using a lens calculator, to get 3 feet of horizontal coverage with a 1 inch lens system (most interchangeable lenses) you would need to have a lens that is roughly 11 meters long. But with resolutions being so high, it should be acceptable to have a field of view which is about 22 feet wide which would only require a 1500mm lens, and still be a fairly acceptable image once cropped down.
    If you take this to real world distances a 500mm lens would get you approximately 11 feet of width at 200 yards. This would translate into a very acceptable panty shot once cropped down.
    Even if someone built an 800 meter lens, it would have to be mounted on it's own structure and there would be great diffraction in the visible light wavelength unless you make the lens quite large around. Any longer than about 1500mm should be attempted with a mirror telescope over 12 inches in diameter.
  9. porkar

    porkar New Member

    BudEW, I think you are taking yourself far too seriously.:scared:
  10. BudEWiser

    BudEWiser Active Member

    I was being silly to be honest. It was a fun reason to use a lens calculator instead of using it for calculating which lens to install for a customer's CCTV camera install.

    I just recently took my 500mm out for some practice shots. I figured pigeons would make a good target. If I can see them clearly at nearly 1000 feet I'll bet I could get some fine panty shots at a parade. Now if I could only find a nice bush along the road and a trench coat, I'd fit right in with the other pervs who will be visiting.
  11. WillEater

    WillEater Well-Known Member

    Lookin' to upgrade my Nikon to the 600.. I guess then I'll have two..