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Perfect Dark mini-FAQ, replacement for Share

Discussion in 'P2P Support' started by downloadx, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. downloadx

    downloadx New Member

    Just as Share replaced Winny, so is Perfect Dark replacing Share. There are many reasons for this. It has superior file retention and file distribution implementation. Many interface and security improvements over Share. And a lot more files, especially ISOs/DVDs, including many which no longer show up in Share.

    The main disadvantage for casual users is that it requires a minimum of 40 gigs of space. This is actually another advantage of PD itself as it weeds out most leeches and greatly contributes to file retention and response.

    Site for PD:

    LadyMercury wrote an excellent FAQ on PD at d-addicts.

    Lastly, Share is in decline and is running into file retention issues as nodes switch to PD and other alternatives. It's likely other p2p networks will spring up after PD to adapt as well.
  2. elgringo14

    elgringo14 Survived to Japan Super Moderator

    That site is for three popular japanese P2P programs, Winny, Share and Perfect Dark, not only for the latter one. It has a pretty nice Share plugin database by the way.

    What about linking to it, or making a copy? Your post will be more useful this way.

    Winny is still alive and kicking after all this time, and being "outdated" by other programs. I believe all networks will co-exist for still a long period.
  3. guy

    guy (;Θ_Θ)ゝ”

    Yeah, all 3 networks will still be in use for a while.

    Although Winny and Share networks are no longer secure like PD currently is, Winny is still extremely popular, and Share is much faster than PD most of the time. If you use all three, you will notice that each network now has its type of filesharing. Although Share network has been broken (law enforcement arresting downloaders), it is extremely fast (I get up to 8MB/s), so it's now very popular for sharing low-risk DVDISOs and other large files. PD has not been broken yet, so it's now the preferred network for high-risk files (like apps and games, new music, movies). Winny isn't really growing anymore, but it still has just about everything that you can't find on the other networks.

    Basically a lot of people are still using all the networks, so they'll be around for a while.
  4. hypemx7

    hypemx7 Intriguing JAV Hunter

    Is there a English guide somewhere to setup PD?

    Same thing goes for Share.
    I swear I looked at a guide while I was setting up Share, but I can't find it
    any more...
  5. hypemx7

    hypemx7 Intriguing JAV Hunter

    tnx :) how bout for PD?

    BTW, do Share or PD have web based search engines?
    I know emule does, since I've used some of them before.
  6. guy

    guy (;Θ_Θ)ゝ”

    No, at least not for live searches. The Winny P2P network wasn't cracked (at first) because someone was able to hack the network, it was because people were posting links to the files they were sharing on the unencrypted BBS which logged their IP addresses (and which was web-accessible). Law enforcement simply search through the BBS and picked out lots of people who had posted copyrighted material and quickly made arrests.

    As a precaution, filesharing announcements for Share and PD are no longer done on the web -- or at least in the case of Share where it is possible to search for files on the web, it is done on fully anonymous systems like 2ch BBS or catalogs like sharedb.

    PD is far easier to setup compared to Share. Just download the program and run it. There is an option to change the interface to English. Then set up your download and cache directories, and off you go.
  7. elgringo14

    elgringo14 Survived to Japan Super Moderator

    and sharedb is more or less a recollection of links posted on 2ch.
  8. hypemx7

    hypemx7 Intriguing JAV Hunter

    I tried.
    I kinda did what I did for Share on PD, and after setting up searched for
    the most general terms out there, like JAV, prestige, sod, etc.
    No results.
    Not sure what I'm doing wrong :dizzy:

    What do I add in "add ip adress/port"? My own?
    Because, just setting up download, cache, etc. folders, and selecting connections
    are not allowing me to connect. It clearly says in red letters "perfect dark is offline"
  9. guy

    guy (;Θ_Θ)ゝ”

    PerfectDark Quick-start Tutorial

    What you need:
    The PerfectDark application, available on P2P-db.net:
    http://p2p-db.net/download.php  current version: 1.06
    PerfectDark's latest nodes (text file), also on P2P-db.net:
    Setting it up:
    Extract the PD ZIP file to a directory of your choosing. Double click perfect dark.exe to launch PD. On first launch, PD will run you through a quick setup and generate the necessary files it needs.

    First, click to "agree" with its acceptable use policy (as shown below), and click Next [次へ].

    PD will then load the settings dialog. In the first box, select your connection type/speed. In the second box, choose which port number you want PD to use. The default port (chosen randomly) is fine, just make sure any software and/or hardware firewalls are configured to open this port, and that your router is configured to forward the same port. Last, at the bottom click to change the interface language to English.

    Last, PD will ask you to add nodes. Go to the node list as linked above, and copy the entire list of nodes. Then paste them into the big box, and click Add [追加].

    If you have your port settings configured correctly, you should see PD begin to fill the file list automatically:

    Now just close and restart PD for it to load the English interface. Once it has reloaded, re-open the Settings dialog (via: Information > Settings), and go to the "Other" tab. Here you can set your "unity" (cache) folder size, download and unity folder locations, sign, and interface customizations (see below).

    • Unity size limit: This must be at least 40GB, there is no way around this, and it is part of what helps make PD a more secure network than Share/Winny. While your Unity (cache) is < 2GB, you will receive a message every time you start PD notifying you that your downloads may be slowed in order to prioritize filling up the Unity. However between 2~40GB, your downloads will move like normal.
    • Download folder, Unity folder: specify the location of where you want to store downloaded files and cache. Default is within the PerfectDark folder, but you can move them in case you need to store files on a separate (ie: larger) hard drive.
    • Sign: not necessary unless you want to upload files. This is the same as Share's ID or Winny's Trip fields.
    • Mutagen: generate a text file inside the PD folder that allows you to customize the PD interface (change fonts, text size, interface colors).
  10. guy

    guy (;Θ_Θ)ゝ”

    Using PerfectDark and Misc

    The search interface on PD:

    Understanding the file list
    In the file list, the columns from left to right are:
    • Type: [file, bbs, gather] A file is just that, a file that is available on the network. BBS refers to a file that has been posted on PD's internal BBS system. Gather refers to PD's download-by-hash function, same as Share's Trigger function.
    • State: [new, download, no review, bad, normal, good] The state column tells you the status if the file: New means the file is new and you have not downloaded it. Download means it's currently in your download queue. The remaining 4 tell you how you reviewed the file. Note: in reviewing files, it is preferred that you rate a file "bad" only if it contains malware, virus, etc; not if the content is "fake".
    • Review: [0.00 (0)] The first number tells you the file rating. 0.00 is a new file, unreviewed. 1.00 is the rating for a "normal", and above 1.00 is "good". Files that are rated below 1.00 (but not an "unrated 0.00") mean the file is most likely not what you expect it to be. The number in parenthases shows how many people have rated the file.
    • Name: Just the filename.
    • Ext: Just the file extension. Added as a separate column in PD, since in Share and Winny, uploaders would often create extremely long filenames to make it difficult for you to see the file extension, and thus more likely to download ads or bad files.
    • Size: Just the file size.
    • Count: Similar to BitTorrent's "availability" number. This number begins at 10 (when the file is first uploaded to the network) and grows depending on how many people download it. Files with counts < 100 may be slow, 100~1000 are generally good availability. 1000+ means it's extremely popular and you should be able to download it quickly. In other words, Count is a gauge on how fast the file might download.
    • Sign: same as Share's ID and Winny's Trip columns. If present, it identifies the person who uploaded the file. See advanced searching below.
    • Time: The date the file was uploaded.

    Using the search tool
    Different from Share or Winny, PD lets you use nested searching to help make it easier to drill down for files you want. By default, just type in a keyword and hit enter. You can add a nested search by clicking the keyword you want it under, typing in the new search, and clicking Add (or hitting enter).

    The keywords are listed in the tree, and beside them the number indicates the number of results for that keyword. PD will automatically cut off search results (for both network performance and client performance) once they hit 1000, so it is important to do nested searches if your keywords hit 1000, because there could be a lot of files that are being cut off from the search results.

    If you want to change a keyword (no matter where it is inside a nested search), click the keyword, change it to whatever you want, and click Set.

    If you would like to create a new keyword, do the same but click New. Alternatively you can just click "keyword search (12345)" at the root/top and begin a new search like normal.

    You can add advanced search options by right-clicking a keyword and selecting "Add advanced search". You can then add regexp search expressions, drill down by filesize, date uploaded, review, review count, file availability (count), and whether or not the file is signed.

    If you notice that a lot of your files tend to come from one or more uploaders with signs (see above), you can search by sign. Simply right click one of the files that contains the uploaders sign, and choose "Copy sign to clipboard". Then just begin a new search by pasting it into the search box. You will notice that a search-by-sign begins with the @ symbol:

    Unity size: while the default minimum of 40GB may seem very large, you should know that it's also related to how much you're allowed to download from the network at a time. At a 40GB Unity, you are only allowed to queue up ~10GB of files (I don't know the exact number). Of course once some of those files finish downloading, or if you cancel them, you can add more files to your queue. Increasing your Unity will increase your download queue size, and you will automatically get a message if this is necessary.

    The Gather tab lets you add triggers based on file hashes a-la Share Trigger style. I've found this to be pretty much useless, since very few people post PD triggers on 2ch, and since PD's internal search tool is already very good. If you need it, it's there; but I haven't found it necessary to use.

    Once your files are complete and converted, they will be added to the "Complete" tab. This list has a strict limit, and if you reach it, you will be unable to download more files. However, in order to clear this list, it is mandatory to rate the files you downloaded. Just go over to the Complete tab, right click a file (or shift/ctrl-click to select multiple), and provide a rating. Again, it is preferred that you rate a file "bad" only if it contains malware, virus, etc; not if it is "fake" or not what you expected it to be. Once you have finished reviewing the files, just right click the list and "Clear reviewed files". PD will automatically alert you if you reach your limit and need to review and clear files. Clearing the list does not delete the files you downloaded.

    If there are any other questions, let me know and I'll see what I can do.
  11. Syobon

    Syobon (´・ω・`)

    I can't get full download speed with PD like in Share, my unity is over 2gb but under 40gb, I have tried download several popular files, I think PD is limiting my download speed because I don't have 100kb of upload speed, my connection is quite asymmetrical (8mb down 320kb up). :petrfied:
  12. ninthwonder

    ninthwonder New Member

    Try uploading at least 2gb worth of data.
  13. mad88

    mad88 New Member

    it's cool, but where is the "boss key"?
  14. Syobon

    Syobon (´・ω・`)

    can you explain better :puzzled:
  15. mad88

    mad88 New Member

    It's like a uTorrent (uTorrent->Preferences->General)
  16. guy

    guy (;Θ_Θ)ゝ”

    No boss key, and you ought not to be using PerfectDark at work in the first place.
  17. mad88

    mad88 New Member

    I mean "jealous girlfriend key" :stress:
  18. Milligram

    Milligram New Member

    Just wanted to say thanks to guy for an excellent mini FAQ!

    Last time I checked perfectdark was still experimental (and only in Japanese), but now when I tried it was a piece of cake getting it up and running. Much easier and overall more modern and well thought through than Share.
  19. Milligram

    Milligram New Member

    By the way I checked wiki's article regarding PerfectDark and according to one ref. it's been "deciphered:

    "There also came the news that Perfect Dark has been deciphered by NetAgent, which allegedly has the capability to determine encrypted information such as IP addresses, port numbers, keywords, version numbers of clients, and even file names, file sizes, cache creation dates and ratings from the public nodes.[3]"

    I checked the ref but it's in Japanse. Any info about this?

    Link from Wiki:

  20. guy

    guy (;Θ_Θ)ゝ”