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Panasonic's 145-inch 8K TV

Discussion in 'Technology' started by TimmyChin, Aug 29, 2012.

  1. TimmyChin

    TimmyChin Empire of Dirt



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  2. Wokkonno

    Wokkonno Wokkonno XP

    These are the first, most come with higher resolutions.
    It will sell, 21:9 monitors for portable or PC.​
  3. rawblog

    rawblog Akiba Citizen

    wow best design of TV
  4. sabero

    sabero Member

    wowwwww:harp:how much is that machine
  5. sanji_jp

    sanji_jp RawSet.Org

    wow best design
    I like panasonic
  6. voltesv

    voltesv Well-Known Member

    wow overkill! 4k isnt mainstream yet
  7. rawdaw

    rawdaw New Member

    damn i wish if i was rich