Otakon 2009 Fansubs & Industry Panel


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Jan 27, 2008

It's a six-part streaming video. The first four parts are the men talking about different topics, and the second four parts are them answering questions from the audience.

Part 5:[hide]
Q1. Simuldubs, yes please?
A1. No. We tried it. Not profitable. Sorry.

Q2. How do you deal with streaming sites that are uploading your media without your permission?
A2. Anime and drama fansubs are both headed in the same direction: just release scripts, and make the fans download the videos on their own time. As for corporations, since we hold the legal rights to the shows in question, we have the authority of the DMCA on our side.

Q3. Instead of licensing by region, how about licensing by language?
A3. N-no, but we're sort of headed in a direction that you might like. The bad news is, licenses are held by different companies in different nations. You can't get around this. The good news is, the Japanese companies want us (USA license holders) to start doing multi-subs in French, Spanish, and so on.[/hide]

Part 6:[hide]

Q4. You said subtitles should look simple. What about karaoke?
A4. I hate karaoke. It is "molesting a font" (actual quote!).

Q5. Since you are now capable of doing simulcasts, does this mean that we can expect quicker DVD releases as well?
A5. Sadly, no. This is beyond our control: the Japanese do not send us master DVDs until the product hits store shelves in Japan, and the masters have the same number of episodes per disc as the commercial variants -- only two or three.

Q6. How hard is it to fansub?
A6. Not hard once you get used to it.

Q7. {confusing question about notes}
A7. We think booklets should be included with the DVD releases, and on these booklets should be the notes for the fans.

Q8. Would you consider making two different English subtitle tracks -- one for the layperson and one for the hard-core anime geek?
A8. No. Fuck off. Go buy the booklet.[/hide]