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[ORON] Offered To Help Prosecute Users

Discussion in 'Filehost Discussion' started by ardo, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. ardo

    ardo Member

    Last month, adult studio Corbin Fisher (through owners Liberty Media) sued the operators of file-hosting service Oron for a cool $34.8 million, claiming that they induce the sharing of copyright infringing files via their service. The rhetoric in court filings has been harsh, with Liberty Media’s lawyer Marc Randazza openly referring to Oron as ‘criminals’ who do not qualify for safe harbor under the DMCA.


    [Oron] has agreed in principle to a remarkable set of demands to settle... [it] said it would turn over the IP addresses, banking details and email addresses of users alleged to have infringed copyright.

    The troubled cyberlocker then offered to assist plaintiff Liberty Media in civil prosecutions against its own customers. (!)


    After having their funds in the US frozen, Oron unsuccessfully tried to have several hundred thousand dollars released, ostensibly to pay for their legal battles and hosting. A judge agreed to release $100,000 but no more, leading Liberty Media to warn Oron users that the file-hoster could collapse.

    Then, in a wakeup call to anyone who thinks that cyberlockers offer almost bulletproof security, at Liberty Media’s request Oron confirmed that should a settlement deal be reached, the company could offer the following:

    Oron will assist Liberty in identification and civil prosecution of any parties who have been using Oron to distribute Liberty’s copyrighted material, including but not be limited to, full disclosure of IP addresses, banking information, emails and any other information that may assist in Liberty in such prosecution.
  2. ardo

    ardo Member

    Hmmm.... while Kim Dotcom is fighting the Hollywood mafia tooth and nail, these yo-yo's over at Oron turn tail and snitch, quick.

    What pussies.

    The hell of it is that I've gotten more "good shit" off of Oron the last couple of years than any other file locker.

    Oh well, back to the future again - USENET.
  3. LanMeister

    LanMeister New Member

    Anybody notice, that companies and/or laws, with such outstanding upright names such a "Liberty" Media, the "Patriot" Act, etc. seem stand for exactly the reverse.