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O'RLY ? (yes, rly)

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by mandor, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. mandor

    mandor Chaotic Dumb

    Howdy mates,
    this is my introdutory thread...hence i need to introduce myself...BUT i refuse >_< ! HA !

    ...seriously I`m Alex, from the small country of Bulgaria (about which you know NOTHING! because it`s super secret >.>) at first i was planning to just leech as hell from this forum, but then something happened (i got bored) and decided that discussing stuff with some people, about as damaged in the head as me would be cool-ish - so here I be...
  2. Denamic

    Denamic Swedish Meat Staff Member Super Moderator Former Staff

    Hi and welcome to the forums.

    You're right. I know nothing of Bulgaria, other than the fact that it may or may not exist.
    Geography and history was the classes I used to get sleep.

  3. mandor

    mandor Chaotic Dumb

    as did i....until i got bitchslapped back into conciousness by the techer /who is uber pr0/ and got some Fs

    and bugaria is...like...um...fuck it if i know - on the bankan penisula or something...
    all i know is - it`s in europe, and we`re joining the EU 1 jan 2007
  4. Eggs

    Eggs Desu! Desu! Desu! Desu!

    Lmao. Well. I agree with Denamic. Although, I slept in English. Until my teacher threw a dictionary at me and called me a hoe... >_>

    But yeah, welcome. Posting is always nice. =P You'll grow to love it. ;)

    Especially when we get bigger... 2~4 years from now, talking in IRC about all the good times we had in the past... :p
  5. Denamic

    Denamic Swedish Meat Staff Member Super Moderator Former Staff

    We tend to call it addiction, though.