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Mar 8, 2016
Softondemand have produced 100s of videos over the years. But one type of video that I’ve always enjoyed is where they recruit ‘amateurs’ from the street and they take them to a van to persuade them to commit sexual acts. This started in the early 00s until around 5 years ago. I would say they definitely have more than a 100 of these videos.

They have different genres/series within these amateur videos.

- intercrural sex. The girl is persuaded to sit on the male actors crotch. Initially they are both clothed. Essentially they start dry humping. A few girls quit after a few mins but many girls go further. Whilst dry humping they may get their tits fondled or sucked, fingered, or they both take of their underwear and she starts rubbing her bare pussy over his cock. For the girls that go far they end up jerking the guy into a cumshot, and maybe 1 girl per video has sex. I find these videos the hottest, some girls are super embarrassed and aroused at the same time whilst committing these acts. You can see some of the girls panties get wet as their grinding. They’ve made around 30 of these videos and here are some examples.

- tits massage. The male actor usually sits behind the girl. She may have changed into a bikini or wear her normal clothes. He starts of with a gentle massage around her upper body. He then gradually moves to her breasts. Some girls will stop there but for others they get their breasts felt under the clothes, or get their breasts exposed and oiled. A few girls end up getting their breasts sucked and some get fingered. Again they look a combination of embarrassed and aroused. They’ve made a few of these as well.

- lollipop. The girl sucks a lollipop. The guy exposes his cock right in front of her. Many girls will stop. For some they carry on sucking the lollipop whilst the guys cock is right near their face. Some will eventually give the guy a blowjob with a few taking a cumshot in the mouth. They’ve made many of these videos.

- penis research/handjob. The guy exposes his cock. Many girls will embarrassingly just watch him jerk off and cum. Others may use gloves or some tongs to help him! But some will end up proper jerking him off and a few will end up blowing him.

- sex pickup. Amateurs taken into the van where they are persuaded to have sex. Many will refuse and leave the van. Others may do a few sexual acts and a few will go all the way. The girls that have sex do give a prostitute/escort vibe so I’m wondering whether those are pre-planned.

there are a few less common genres such as ‘molesting’, kissing a male actor, taking cumshot.

I genuinely think that most of these girls in these videos are proper amateurs for the following reasons.
- some girls literally do nothing. They sit in the van talk for a bit and leave. Others do a little bit more. Only a few girls will go to full sexual acts
- their reactions and nature of behaviour is very amateurish. Some get very embarrassed and need a lot of persuasion before they commit an act. Their reactions look genuine. Some girls are ugly, some are cute, they have different body shapes. They don’t really have a JAV idol looks. It’s difficult to predict how far each girl will go and that’s what adds to the excitement.
- I’m struggling to place these girls in any other videos. I think I may have seen 2-3 in other ‘pick-up’ videos. They are the ones that have had sex. This makes me think that some of the girls who end up having sex were either recruited beforehand (makes the video better if there is at least one sex scene) or they have delved into a bit of porn after this experience.
- in some videos during the scenes they fast forward conversations at the beginning. Maybe this is because they are being consented etc. At the end of some scenes again they fast forward/cut out sound and you can see the girl signing a contract of some sort before leaving. For some girls who have sex there is a pause in videoing right beforehand, something happens off camera before they have sex.
- in many videos at the beginning and or in between scenes you can see multiple rejections from other girls on busy streets, and the faces are always pixelated. Eventually they find one girl who will come to the van. In other street pickup videos it is obvious when it is staged.
- A couple of the girls have been exposed for appearing in these porn videos. One is a YouTuber and another is a local TV reporter.

SOD have stopped producing these videos and All the current videos of ‘street pickup’ and magic mirror from other companies are all staged and predictable with no amateurs. No real fun element to them. Does anyone know of any other companies in Japan that have produced amateur videos similar to SOD in the past? I’d be interested to watch.

This genre may not cater to everyone as most of the time there isn’t any sex. But for me watching an amateur get fingered, tits rubbed or give a quick blowjob is sometimes hotter than normal porn. What I really enjoyed about these videos was not knowing what each girl was going to do! I hope other people might like this type of porn.

These videos are really hard to find online, especially the older videos. Maybe a longshot but any ideas of any websites where I can watch these videos? Sometimes you can find one scene online, rather than a whole video and even that would be good.
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Jun 6, 2007
from time to time, i post links for websites that have old jav. (look around. they’d probably have some examples of your heart’s desire… or perhaps the desire of one of your other organs.) the trouble is, after a while, the links get old. one i haven’t posted is the website of akiba citizen mx70:


he is active in posting things here. but not everything. go there and click on the ‘amateur’ tag. 30 pages of stuff. click on other things. that’s what i did. but i haven’t been there in a while. after a few visits, i was masturbating so much that my dick practically fell off. so i gave it a rest some time ago. maybe you can pick up the slack.