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ok, Rei Kuromiya is the best... but...

Discussion in 'Idol Discussion' started by mercury108, May 24, 2015.

  1. mercury108

    mercury108 New Member

    ok, Rei Kuromiya is the best... but... who is the second?
  2. ReiOtaku

    ReiOtaku Rei Kuromiya Till I Die!

    My faveslist top three goes like this,

    1. Rei Kuromiya
    2. Kuromiya, Rei
    3. Ms Kuromiya
  3. mercury108

    mercury108 New Member

    eheh! Sir, you're the best! :D
  4. mercury108

    mercury108 New Member


    anyway... not bad uh? :D
  5. bellotax

    bellotax Active Member

    mercury108 likes this.
  6. David Williams559

    David Williams559 New Member

    She was my absolute favorite when she was younger.
  7. King_Of_Rhye

    King_Of_Rhye Active Member

    The cutest girl ever. Period.:)