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Of idols (and j-idols) uploads lifespan

Discussion in 'Filehost Discussion' started by Keade, Oct 17, 2015.

  1. Keade

    Keade Member


    I have noticed that every time something from <a few sites> is uploaded here (to Filejoker), it does not last more than a few days. One week at most, sometimes not more than 24 hours, then "file not found" and all that crap.
    If Filejoker did not have huge waiting times, this would be slightly less of a problem because it would be possible to batch download stuff (checking the site every 3 or 4 days would suffice), but as it is, downloading stuff is *slow*, so long that when other files are downloaded, this file you really wanted is now "file not found".

    I am actually surprised people keep using only this host with no reliable mirrors provided. Aren't there alternatives to keep file for longer ? (not a rethorical question, genuine question here)
    I take it most filehosts delete files on sight when they are password protected ?
  2. ReiOtaku

    ReiOtaku Rei Kuromiya Till I Die!

    They are DCMA'd by the respective owners, in the case of Imouto by them or their representatives.

    Happens no matter the host. Trust me I have had 54 sets removed witjin 24 hrs of posting them here.
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  3. Keade

    Keade Member

    Wow okay I had no idea they were so reactive about it, this sucks :(

    Thanks for answering.
  4. ReiOtaku

    ReiOtaku Rei Kuromiya Till I Die!

    Yeah, they watch this place like hawks!!
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