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[NMNS-021-B]Fella Trix 高田のぞみ Nozomi Takada(23GBBDiso+720/1080m4v)

Discussion in 'Fetish JAV Torrents' started by Ishikawa, Oct 4, 2018.

  1. Ishikawa

    Ishikawa Well-Known Member

    NMNS-012-B Cover.
    NMNS-012-B[720] Index.
    NMNS-012-B[1080] Index.
    NMNS-012-B[LQ] Index.
    Title: Fella Trix
    Actress(es): 高田のぞみ Nozomi Takada
    Manufactruer: Nice-Age
    Label: Media Nexus
    Catalog Number: NMNS-021-B
    Release Date: 2018-08-31
    Running Time: 118 minutes
    File Format: iso & mp4
    iso File Size: 23.06GB
    [LQ] Video Codec: H.264 CBR ±1300kb/s @ 853x480
    [LQ] Audio Codec: aac @ 160kb/s
    [LQ] File Size: 1.16GB
    [720] Video Codec: H.264 CBR ±3500kb/s @ 1280x720
    [720] Audio Codec: aac @ 160kb/s
    [720] File Size: 3.13GB
    [1080] Video Codec: H.264 CBR ±8600kb/s @ 1920x1080
    [1080] Audio Codec: aac @ 160kb/s
    [1080] File Size: 7.63GB
    Seeding Time: 2 weeks (Strictly Enforced)

    This release is brought to you by a kind akiba-online member.

    We are still the only source of new Nozomi content online!

    If you have been enjoying the fantastic download speeds then I highly suggest you help out with seedbox donations before the contract ends in 2 months. We're only about 50% there!

    Attached Files:

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  2. h00t

    h00t New Member

    This is NMNS-021B I believe. As opposed to NMNS-012B. My client immediately asked if I wanted to overwrite. lol
  3. MaesterLee

    MaesterLee Member

    Well shiver me timbers and blow me down. Thank you thank you thank you a million times. You are awesome . Good to see Nozomi giving head. Would love for someone as lovely as her to give me a top-off.
    Thanks again for sharing.
  4. lpcs1

    lpcs1 Suffers from semenly incurable Narutophilia

    God bless you Ishikawa-sama :maaf:
  5. sonoro

    sonoro Member

    Thank you Ishikawa. You are a hero!
  6. Ishikawa

    Ishikawa Well-Known Member

    I appreciate you thanks. But I'm just the delivery guy fellas. I don't fund the stuff nor do I get it or rip it.
    I'm the last one that needs thanks…
  7. Smoothly

    Smoothly Active Member

    Thank you for the Nozomi! :)