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nick names

Discussion in 'Random' started by flame_zero, Dec 14, 2006.

  1. rabaxik

    rabaxik im dominican american

    you could call me :
    or just xik :cool:

    be aware that im not serious tho' :p :)

    my name is too short so i don't need tha :)
  2. Kasuga

    Kasuga 大阪

    I guess you can call me ka-chan or ka-chin or ka-boom. lol
  3. pogi420

    pogi420 HG-gang bang announcer

    some of my friends used to call me coolio (yes the rapper, and it rymes with my first name wanna guess?)
  4. rabaxik

    rabaxik im dominican american

    um.. julio?
  5. XP you PEDO!:p
  6. Eggs

    Eggs Desu! Desu! Desu! Desu!

    You're the pedo~!

    Even though my name says I am... :p
  7. 1134hopp

    1134hopp cat of doom

    my nick name is hopp:)
  8. DarkAngel

  9. since 1992 just

    wolpe or wolpi -.-
  10. A Lazy Panda

    A Lazy Panda New Member

    I'm Panda...

    It's funny
    Even my friends call me Panda in class... At meetings... Out in the open...
  11. Animan

    Animan The Mysterious Stranger

    Animan suits me fine.
  12. Svenddv

    Svenddv Bridget Fanboy

    some people call me Svenjee or pumpkin..

    but sven is good too i guess :shy:
  13. Maximus_Ahriman

    Maximus_Ahriman glasses...

    Ahriman or Ahri if your too lazy. Well Maximus is fine too just dont call me Mahri...
  14. Denamic

    Denamic Swedish Meat Staff Member Super Moderator Former Staff

    Asking people to not call you something will only make them want to call you just that.
    You brought it upon yourself, Mahri.

    Edit: For some reason, I've been called 'Denny' alot recently.. :nosepick:
  15. flame_zero

    flame_zero Eat this !!!

    is that like " the prince of darkness Denny " or some other thing :exhausted:
  16. JimBond007

    JimBond007 Somewhere in the world...

    Usually, I copy nicknames from avatar then I never call member by short nickname.
    Jim is fine for me. But if there's others Jim, 007 is an another way for calling me. And if there's others 007 : Jim007 is fine.
    However, I'll avays prefer my whole nickname XD .
  17. axelmonster

    axelmonster Resident Tentacle Monster

    axelmonster, the loli rapz0ring bubble monstAr will suffice.
  18. ghost333

    ghost333 the shy guy

    ghost or 333
    or wahtever!!
  19. Tamichi

    Tamichi Local Psychopath

    When I used to go by PsychoTamichi, people would just call me psycho, but since I've shortened my name to simply Tamichi just call me that, don't call me Tam, or chi cause I won't pick up on the fact that your talking about me and get confused.
  20. superveritech

    superveritech New Member

    veri is fine :innocence: