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[NGT-033-B]Sexy Zone 大友優奈 Yuna Otomo(23GBBDiso+720/1080m4v)

Discussion in 'IV Torrents' started by Ishikawa, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. Ishikawa

    Ishikawa Well-Known Member

    NGT-033 Cover.
    NGT-033-B[720] Index.
    NGT-033-B[1080] Index.
    NGT-033-B[LQ] Index.
    Title: Sexy Zone
    Actress(es): 大友優奈 Yuna Otomo
    Manufactruer: Nice-Age
    Label: G-Tribe
    Catalog Number: NGT-033-B
    Release Date: 2018-10-17
    Running Time: 120 minutes
    File Format: iso & mp4
    iso File Size: 22.97GB
    [LQ] Video Codec: H.264 CBR ±1000kb/s @ 853x480
    [LQ] Audio Codec: aac @ 160kb/s
    [LQ] File Size: 941MB
    [720] Video Codec: H.264 CBR ±2700kb/s @ 1280x720
    [720] Audio Codec: aac @ 160kb/s
    [720] File Size: 2.43GB
    [1080] Video Codec: H.264 CBR ±6500kb/s @ 1920x1080
    [1080] Audio Codec: aac @ 160kb/s
    [1080] File Size: 5.81GB
    Seeding Time: 2 weeks (Strictly Enforced)

    This release is brought to you by a kind akiba-online member.

    You'll notice that the seedbox will die in a matter of weeks. Therefore this is upload is severely capped to encourage those that can't wait for the files to help pay for the seedbox. Donations can be accepted via bitcoin, Google Pay & PayPal.
    Remember I am the only source for new nice age content so if you enjoy it which I'm sure you have help us out please.

    Attached Files:

  2. akainu-wanwan

    akainu-wanwan New Member


  3. R156R

    R156R Well-Known Member

    Not complaining genuinely asking from a tech standpoint. @Ishikawa How come you haven’t started encoding in h.265? I feel like this would benefit the community with its smaller file sizes.
    xbrynjulf likes this.
  4. thoraxe6668

    thoraxe6668 Well-Known Member

    h.265 takes way longer to encode. Like way, way longer. Same video quality on my machine (TR 1950x) from BD iso to .m4v @1080
    h.264: ~20mins
    h.265: ~1.5hrs

    All this for a file that's probably about 2/3 the size. Not worth it.
    akibafjfj, CoolKevin and granatnik like this.
  5. granatnik

    granatnik Akiba Citizen

    There is also a problem with playback, especially at higher resolutions: not everyone has yet a machine, that would allow a fluent decoding, so this means doing both encodings for some time. Not worth it x2.
    thoraxe6668 likes this.
  6. akainu-wanwan

    akainu-wanwan New Member

    22% NOW....orz
  7. thoraxe6668

    thoraxe6668 Well-Known Member

    I implore you to refrain from complaints about speeds. Please read the post.
    If you would like to donate, please contact @Ishikawa
    yuumi_fan and desioner like this.
  8. nooper

    nooper Member

    Thank you Ishikawa. Great uploads, and love the quality.
    Haven't spotted you in the peer cloud. Which country/ISP are you uploading from? There are a few very cheap VPSes that can upload with decent bandwidth for cheap, and I can help if need be.