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Newbie User Questions

Discussion in 'Site Support & Bugs' started by kodamatree, Jul 31, 2018.

  1. kodamatree

    kodamatree New Member

    Hello. I just discovered his resource and am very thankful for it.

    I apologize if I missed a FAQ thread/sticky.

    I want to be a good user and even contribute down the road. I don’t want to post in the wrong places, etc.

    Please help with some very basic questions:

    What’s the difference between using torrents and direct download? Same end result just different methods of obtaining the file?

    How do rar files and those uploader, filejoker websites function? When there is no torrent there’s links to these different websites such as filejoker or uploader etc. What am I supposed to do?

    Buy a monthly DL membership? Some of the sites seem to let you download once every couple hours but very slowly?

    Are those sites like filejoker safe to use my visa info on?

    What is a solid way to search for a particular actress by name or a specific movie by serial code? Just use the default search criteria settings? Or is there a slicker way to search?

    Is it ok to go into the proper section and make a new post requesting a specific film?

    Again I am sorry for all the questions. I’ll likely add more questions onto this thread as I encounter issues.

  2. LoveLea

    LoveLea New Member

    I am not a member but to answer your question about torrents vs direct download you are correct, same result different methods.

    A direct download is a download directly from the server. So your download speed will be the capped at either the severs upload speed or your download speed.
    On the otherhand Torrents are a method of peer 2 peer file shareing. This means everyone downloading the file will be helping you download the same time, in otherwords multiple connections.
    Which is better? It depends but generally if the file is large and popular then torrents.

    Filejoker ect, I could be wrong (because I haven't specfically used FJ) but it's just an upload site for file. Unless paid they will normally set a low speed cap and a max upload file size. People use RAR files to lower the file size and to split the file into multiple parts. You use a program (like Peazip) to combine these parts at the end. RAR is just another type of compressed file. Similar to zip files.

    DL membership. See above, your chice.

    Safe is not a binary. Something is not safe or unsafe, like a password isn't good or bad.