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NASA insists that Curiosity is on Mars.

Discussion in 'Chatterbox' started by Wokkonno, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. Wokkonno

    Wokkonno Wokkonno XP

    Sometimes it seems that some people do not appreciate
    the work of NASA.

    They accomplish things that no one in the history of mankind
    had done before, and in return receive conspiracy theories
    say they are cheating us only for political purposes.

    That must be why, whom to take the time to publicly claimed
    to explain those things that generate a whole bunch of theories
    about their achievements.

    This time, there are people who say that Curiosity the Martian
    explorer months managed to reach the Red Planet is not really
    there and that the self-portrait was taken on Mars is not real.

    This is based on the idea that no one sees the robot arm in the
    photo, which is impossible without self-portraits only see an arm.

    Around this formed the theory that not only the picture was not
    taken on Mars, but that was taken by someone else.


    This is the controversial self-portrait became Curiosity


    Because common sense is not enough for many who are unaware
    that if NASA would lie better, the organization took the trouble to
    explain why the arm is not in the self-portrait of Curiosity.

    It turns out that the end result of a photo of the robot on Mars
    is the result of 55 photographs taken and coupled together so
    that the robot arm can not go out and see the entire explorer.

    This is done in order that there is nothing to hinder the image
    of the robot.


    Well, then it became clear.

    Not all self-portraits are like the Facebook profile pictures.​

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