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Naruto (1-220) Episodes

Discussion in 'Request Anime' started by sniper18, Mar 1, 2017.

  1. sniper18

    sniper18 New Member

    I started to watch naruto lately and I don't have any of these files and I'm stuck to episode 92 and all the torrents everywhere are dead, Is there any way I can get these files???
    [A-H]_Naruto_93_[9D29FEF1].avi 193.36MB
    [A-H]_Naruto_97_[E02CB85C].avi 174.86MB
    [A-H]_Naruto_98_v2_[8AD4698E].avi 171.48MB
    [A-H]_Naruto_102_v2_[4585B825].avi 172.57MB
    [DB]_Naruto_105_[A-H_STAFF_IN_NEW_GROUP][A955FC6C].avi 171.52MB
    [DB]_Naruto_109_v2_[DEAD4148].avi 169.04MB
    [DB]_Naruto_110-111_[1D18E613].avi 275.14MB
    [DB]_Naruto_112_[68EA1FE5].avi 170.02MB
    [DB]_Naruto_115_[087675E0].avi 169.84MB
    [DB]_Naruto_116-117_v2_[F48257E6].avi 289.49MB
    [DB]_Naruto_126_[4DA59EAD].avi 170.13MB
    [DB]_Naruto_127-128_[173FE357].avi 275.10MB
    [DB]_Naruto_129_[977CAE23].avi 145.08MB
    [DB]_Naruto_130_[1389EA8F].avi 170.05MB
    [DB]_Naruto_135_[72843002].avi 170.10MB
  2. lpcs1

    lpcs1 Suffers from semenly incurable Narutophilia

  3. sniper18

    sniper18 New Member

    I actually watched them all....An old friend of mine told me that those subs of DB (Dattebayo) are a lot better than those of ANBU and Aone...I found they subbed from Naruto 91 to N-Shippudenn 91.... but anyway I lost faith to find these episode of DB anywhere and all the torrents that include them are dead...So I watched all those missing from me subbed by ANBU and Aone.......
    @ Ipsc1, Thank you very much, and if by anyway you got a way to get these DB episodes, Share them with us, We would appreciate that since It's thought they are lost anyway...