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Naoko no Tropic Angel

Discussion in 'Hentai Anime Torrents' started by elgringo14, May 30, 2008.

  1. elgringo14

    elgringo14 Survived to Japan Super Moderator

    Robinson-type story, you can imagine what 2 girls and 1 man can do
    when lost in a desert island :inlove2:

    It's MPG (VCD) format, with censorship, 352x240 resolution, 22mn06 duration.

    enjoy :snicker:

    Attached Files:

    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 28, 2013
  2. xeruel

    xeruel 黒英雄伝説

    Interesting !!! haven't had this kind of story since desert island and some episode of daiakuji, which of course not a full "stranded on an island" story :evillaugh:

    Thx man
  3. purplefinch

    purplefinch New Member

    :eek:mg::relief: OMG

    ever since I saw the preview at the end of the dream hunter rem oav, I was like, hmm another old H to add to collection! and was looking for it ever since.
    Thanks alot :grassdance:

    Here is the cover for it
  4. pinkslave

    pinkslave 3 days.. up

    Thank for the thumbnail.

    The japanese title is 直子のトロピックエンジェル 〜漂流〜 and the production company
    is オレンジビデオハウス.

    Sorry I do not have the production company english name.
  5. sroypet9

    sroypet9 New Member

    Thank you very much!
  6. elgringo14

    elgringo14 Survived to Japan Super Moderator

    The company name is Orange Video House (it's a the beginning of the video !)

    They did several erotic anime around 1984-1985, like Datenshi-tachi no Kyouen, Dream Hunter Rem 1, and other still missing (Aoi Taiken 1 & 2, The Satisfaction).

    Nice to see you here again Pinkslave !
  7. Reideen

    Reideen Got Milk ? Got Catgirl !

    Quite nice this old style
    a female friend of mine will thank me for downloading this one :p
  8. jfgslo

    jfgslo Member

    Thanks for this anime. By the way, could someone please re-seed it for a little bit? I would like to watch it fully but I've been unable to find it elsewhere. I know this is an old topic but like I said, no one else seems to have posted it over the net. I'm quite a fan of these almost unknown anime.

    Edit: Thanks a lot to the kind soul that re-seeded it for some time. A few minutes after I posted the original message, someone re-seeded the anime. I was able to get it fully. I'm truly thankful.
  9. pukidesu

    pukidesu Member

    Can anybody reseed please?:please:
  10. thelolibear

    thelolibear Loli Collector

    please re-seed another classic hentai :)