Myth: JAV actors don't enjoy Sex in JAV. Its just work


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Nov 27, 2008
That's such a myth.
I doubt it that they don't enjoy it.

Camera or no camera. it doesn't matter. a guy or girl(lesbian) would love sex with a girl and once in the mood and in front of a girl would forget about the cameras and stuff. Tht's just a fact.

I would even be able to have sex in front of cameras and a bunch of camera crew. it doesn't matter. I'm the one getting the sex, not them.


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Sep 4, 2009
It would be interesting to talk to those guys, especially those who've been working in JAVs for a long time.

I think they are probably like any other professional. There are those who may love it, and enjoy the work. There are those who approach it like a job (with great benefits).

The thing to keep in mind is the sex in JAVs isn't "real". The performers aren't having sex in a way that necessarily pleases themselves or each other.

The director has a certain "vision", fans have expectations. There are some positions I would never try, or things I'd never do. Like lift a woman's leg up as I am fucking her from behind (I like the legs together for more friction).

I'm sure it is great to have sex with Yuma Asami, Anri Okita or Hana Haruna in a studio. But, I could see some (not all) of those guys saying, "It is very much like a job".


Aug 12, 2008
depends.. of cos if the actors are really into it and are in the sexual high, i doubt the director will cut it..

not sure about it.. im sure many of u seen the "making of" or behind the scenes of western porn.. i remember 1 porn title that shows (behind the scenes) the guy had to push the actress away because he almost came too early and had to redo the scene...

thgh not sure when the male actor had diff preferances/fetish, like the male actor is only into lolis/school girls but had to act in MILF titles....:exhausted:

so yep..


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Feb 27, 2009
For me this is a very easy question to answer, about 8 years ago i was asked if i would like to start making some of these types of movies, only problem for me was would i be able to rise to the occasion and yer after getting over my stage fright lol I found that i could any way the people there told me that the moment you stop enjoying the work then thats the time to get out, so yes every one i worked with at that period of time enjoyed what they did :)