Muslims in Japan

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Well-Known Member
Nov 6, 2013
Do Muslims in Japan pray 5 times per day there? Do you have any Muslim friends, or colleagues that are there in Japan?


Provehito In Altum
Jun 30, 2015
No, they jack off 5 times a day, seriously what kind of question is that?

Are you retarded or something? you started a discussion thread, people replied but you didn't give any respon and leave then start a new thread just to ask another stupid question.


Well-Known Member
Apr 12, 2007
Normally these types of posts are done by human spammers (not to be confused with spambots) that pretend to get involved, then after a few days they flood your forum with advertisements.

But in this case, the advertisements never came. Maybe just an IQ problem?



Active Member
Aug 19, 2011
Only ones with IQ problems are you guys who haven't used the ignore function on him and keep replying.

Then we’d miss opportunities to be rancid online to a complete stranger who has a bad grasp of English and is probably 12 years old.
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Senior Member...I think
Mar 22, 2008
Only ones with IQ problems are you guys who haven't used the ignore function on him and keep replying.
He's too fun to ignore, Oscar I ignore some on here, but not Muz. :D
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Nutcase on the loose
Staff member
Super Moderator
Mar 30, 2007
a weeks worth of muzzle on Muz, for the latest stupid question, I did delete it,

but for those who want to know his work of non art
Are Japanese women horny

I know it is unrelated to this thread, but I did not want to start another
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