Mulan - 巾帼大将军 (2013)


Ninja Pig
Jan 15, 2009

Episode = 40

A young maiden, Mulan, learns that her weakened and lame father is to be conscripted to fight the invading Huns. Knowing that he would never survive the rigors of war in his old state, she disguises herself and join in his place.As Mulan enters the military, her sister Yuhe is also called to the palace. However, Mulan doesn’t know that her father carries secrets about the imperial court. Once she is there, Yuhe is ambitious, but she doesn’t understand the intricacies of palace life and becomes embroiled in conflicts. Mulan becomes entangled in a love triangle with Yang Jun, a prince and army general, and Ru Zhao, a scholar and childhood friend.Yuhe, struggles between greed and power and ultimately becomes lost. Mulan tries to save Yuhe, but is stabbed in the back in her attempt. Her father risks his life, but everything is thrown further into shambles…Mulan is finally tasked with leading an army, but this time it is a journey to death.


Audio = Mandarin

Subtitle = English