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[.mp4/DRK-07(681mb)DRK-09(841mb)DRK-10(843mb)DRK-11(852mb)DRK-12(564mb)] dragon image group torrent

Discussion in 'Fetish JAV Torrents' started by zoolanimal, Apr 19, 2019.

  1. zoolanimal

    zoolanimal jav fisting connoisseur

    this is a group torrent i found in the wild called "乱鬼龍の在arznon.jp購買.torrent" consisting of 5 extreme .mp4 dragon image videos [in the 乱鬼龍 (ran-ki ryū) chaos dragon series] ~ the individual videos are as follows:

    DRK-07 乱鬼龍7:暴虐猟奇的行為 (681mb): zDRK-007_2. 乱鬼龍7:暴虐猟奇的行為~(DRK07)~.mp4_thumbs_[2019.04.18_16.47.19].

    DRK-09 乱鬼龍9:極限ノ苦痛 (841mb): zDRK-009_2. 乱鬼龍9:極限ノ苦痛~(DRK09)~.mp4_thumbs_[2019.04.18_16.48.05].

    DRK-10 乱鬼龍10:残酷乳房二百針 (843mb): zDRK-010_2. 乱鬼龍10:残酷乳房二百針~(DRK10)~.mp4_thumbs_[2019.04.18_16.48.53].

    DRK-11 乱鬼龍11:有刺鉄線電気椅子 (852mb): zDRK-011_2. 乱鬼龍11:有刺鉄線電気椅子~(DRK11)~.mp4_thumbs_[2019.04.18_16.49.37].

    DRK-12 乱鬼龍12:股間激痛蹴り (564mb): zDRK-012_2. 乱鬼龍12:股間激痛蹴り~(DRK12)~.mp4_thumbs_[2019.04.18_16.50.26].

    here's the magnet uri magnet_uri. for the group torrent:

    if you download this torrent i would request you seed it for a while ~ i plan on doing that for at least a month:

    keep calm and seed the torrent. seed until you bleed.

    attached below is the torrent file:

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: Apr 20, 2019
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  2. zbigbox

    zbigbox Member

    hey, what happened to akiba-online? Why are there no new torrents these days?
  3. zoolanimal

    zoolanimal jav fisting connoisseur

    i am assuming that for whatever reason some of the bigger torrent posters at akiba-online are no longer posting torrent and there is probably a reason for that. and then there are some really big fish out there (e.g., RIAA, MPAA, ASCAP and other anti-piracy assns) that are attempting to crack down on torrent posting, e.g., ISP blockades of piratebay, KickassTorrents, RARBG, and many others

    this is rank speculation on my part. but it does seem like lots of folks in countries where torrenting was popular (such as EU countries and USA) and japan have been scared away from downloading torrents by the newer anti-piracy laws now in effect. and this holds doubly for those who create and post torrents and the platforms that store them.
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2019
  4. jyuku

    jyuku Member

    Hopefully they come back someday. I still check this place on occasion just in case.