[MK-018] - Nagisa Kozue 梢なぎさ - Teen na Hitomi Teenな瞳


Akiba Citizen
Nov 28, 2015
Kozue Nagisa (梢なぎさ) (154cm)

Teen na Hitomi - Teenな瞳 - Teen Eyes

Movie contains mild nudity, just wanted to mention it since the thumbnail picture doesn't happen to show any.

Released in 2020-01-17

MP4 is 1.00GB

ISO is 4.14GB

PS. if anyone know of any other works that she has done, with whatever name if she has other aliases, then please let us know!
You can now find two movies from here and some Cosdoki picture & short video releases.


She used to have an Twitter account called https://twitter.com/uni_kozue but it's defunct now.

Bought, ripped & converted by me, which means that have an early very Merry Christmas everyone! :)
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