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melody. - Lei Aloha

Discussion in 'Music Downloads' started by Myasya, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. Myasya

    Myasya Akiba Citizen

    20170417.0809.11 melody. - Lei Aloha cover.
    melody. - Lei Aloha​

    01. Daybreak
    02. Say Hello
    03. Haruka (Eternal version) (遥花 ~はるか~)
    04. Peace Song
    05. Never Goodbye
    06. Memories in Time
    07. Horizon
    08. Kiss away
    09. Anata no Soba ni (あなたのそばに)
    10. No Return
    11. Sunset Love
    12. Beneath My Skin
    13. Door
    14. Paradise

    • 119 Mb :: 320 kbps :: mp3