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Discussion in 'Idol Discussion' started by RSHERMVIKES, Nov 8, 2018.


    RSHERMVIKES Active Member

    Hi! I'm a 71 year old stat guy with way too much time on his hands. And I was looking over some star idols measurements. And looking at photos/videos some of the "stats" don't add up!
    For example, Ai Shinozaki's measurements for the last 5 to 6 years at least have been, B87G/W60/H88 and Saaya Irie B85G/W61/H88, and Yuri Hamada B84G/W57/H86

    Comparing what I see in other big-breasted Idols, such as, Aya Hazuki B90H/W59/H86
    Megumi Haruno B95H/W60/H88
    Ami Asai B96H/W58/H86
    Mamoru Asana B95F/W55/H87
    Ninoka B90I/W58/H86
    Shoko Takasaki B87G/W59/H86
    Elly Tran Han B90H/W58/H90
    Ayaka Fukai B96/W62/H85
    Both Ai & Saaya at the present time seem to have MUCH larger breasts in comparison to some of the above beauties!
    IMO Ai has at least 98H or even 100H or I breasts and Saaya (short hair) has about 90H breasts and Yuri has about 90H breasts! Does their management not want to upgrade their stats for other reasons?
    Just interested in your opinions to the ?
  2. edeneyes

    edeneyes Active Member

    Saaya has not revealed her later measurements. Someone suggested she was H cup but she laughed in an interview before, so she hasn't really done new measurements.

    However, one factor you're missing from your stats is height. Height will have a big effect on the apparent relative size of their breasts to their bodies. 85G on a 150cm tall girl won't look the same as 85g on a 175cm tall girl.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2018
    RSHERMVIKES likes this.

    RSHERMVIKES Active Member

    Hey edeneyes! Thanks for the info! Yes it does make sense that one girl 4'11" vs another 5'7"!
    Why do you think Saaya and others such as Ai Shinozaki DON'T update their measurements since they're making big $ off their bodies and looks! If she's grown from 85G into 90H? Favorable publicity never hurt sales! Basically they're selling "sexy"!
  4. edeneyes

    edeneyes Active Member

    Can't speak for Ai, but I'm pretty sure Saaya just doesn't think it's important. Regardless of the numbers/letters, what you see is what you see. She's come across as a pretty down to earth, practical, and somewhat reserved type in her interviews, despite her line of work.

    Evidence of this is that she just retired from modeling to pursue acting full time. She doesn't want to be remembered just for having big boobs.
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