[MBR-AA065] - Nene Uesugi 上杉寧々 - Yuzuki Tachibana 立花ゆずき - はだかんぼ。 Hadakan Bo.


Akiba Citizen
Nov 28, 2015
Uesugi Nene (上杉寧々) who also has made some AV movies with at least these names:
Tachibana Yuzuki (立花ゆずき), Kishimoto Mai (岸本舞) & Tanaka Minami (田中みなみ)

Released in 2017-04-28

The code of the movie: MBR-AA065

Title of the movie: はだかんぼ。 (Hadakan Bo.)
I don't know the translation to this since it's written with Hiragana, I know that Hadaka is term for nudity, like Nude but other than that I don't know the meaning.

1080p MP4 is 3.49GB

720 MP4 is 1.50GB

A kind Akiba member helped me to buy this movie, so I bought the original Full HD 1080p & also made an 720p conversion of it.
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