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Discussion in 'Anime Torrents' started by abc.dem.puppies, Sep 23, 2020.

  1. abc.dem.puppies

    abc.dem.puppies Retired, very occasionally around

    Maybe I can pick up where Ceewan left off. Let me know
  2. abc.dem.puppies

    abc.dem.puppies Retired, very occasionally around

    Still no interest. I'm thinking about making a few posts. No torrent's original to me. Just stuff I DL'd and wish to share with others. Maybe a monthly dump. Food for though. A screen shot program to make life easier would be amazing in suggestions.
  3. coffeebean

    coffeebean New Member

    That would be appreciated. I picked up School Rumble because of Ceewan's post and I really enjoyed it. I'm fairly new to anime and don't really know where to pick up torrents. If you know of any anime in the spirit of SR, that would be awesome!

    BTW, I also tried to dl the torrent Ceewan posted for Ikki Tousen S1, but it seems to be dead, perhaps you can find a replacement?