Marina Nagasawa 長澤茉里奈


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Aug 29, 2010
But what about the “Super exclusive bonus contents DVD?” Makes me wonder about what exactly the contents are...

unfortunately, i have no idea what the exclusive contents are. her bikinis were super hot at the release event though,

they are special order, supplementary DVDs, containing bonus "making of" footage for the outfits and bikinis from her magazine appearances during that time.

ENTAME 2016:

mn_entame_2016_mag_01.jpg mn_entame_2016_mag_02.jpg mn_entame_2016_mag_03.jpg mn_entame_2016_mag_04.jpg mn_entame_2016_mag_05.jpg mn_entame_2016_mag_06.jpg mn_entame_2016_mag_07.jpg mn_entame_2016_mag_08.jpg

Secret! 2016:

mn_secret_2016_mag_01.jpg mn_secret_2016_mag_02.jpg mn_secret_2016_mag_03.jpg mn_secret_2016_mag_04.jpg mn_secret_2016_mag_05.jpg mn_secret_2016_mag_06.jpg

she has even posted various offshots in her twitter and instagram, that you may recognize. these are just a few,

51363292_997021887174494_4847636981173625649_n.jpg 51632813_121121818977555_7039304640408371604_n.jpg 52401415_411133696111641_2539191344377236119_n.jpg