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Maria Ozawa, beauty is going down

Discussion in 'JAV Discussion' started by Baby_Princess, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. I never collected Maria Ozawa material (I don't like JAV, to be honest, except gokkun) but her beauty was always glaringly obvious to me. When eastern Asians mate and produce offspring with westerners (say, Italians, or some other western ethnicity) it seems to produce some gorgeous mixed children. Leah Dizon comes to mind (French+Chinese+Filipino).

    Having said that... Maria Ozawa looks bad now!
    Also, she fucked up her body when she got those gigantic tattoos all across her torso a few years ago.
  2. hentai-sentai

    hentai-sentai New Member

    yeah that big tiger tattoo on her back looks ugly on her, regardless even if the art is great
  3. Desu

    Desu アッチョンブリケ

    ok my fault for the 'mongrel' thing: i wrongly assumed it was a term that could be used in slang.
    so let's say i used the term "half-race", "mixed-race" or whatever else instead;
    my comment would have been:

    she's never been that pretty, to begin with, unless you have a thing for people of mixed-races

    where in hell did i write or imply anything about 100% japaneseness? read again.
    you don't get (many) bonus points for playing the smartass.
  4. Electromog

    Electromog Akiba Citizen

    I agree. I'm not a big tattoo fan, which is one of the reasons I prefer JAV over US movies, as most of the US porn stars seem to love tattoos and/or really fake looking breast implants.
  5. Nick_Wells

    Nick_Wells Member

    My response was, in fact, mostly a reaction to your choice of words. So, if you didn't mean anything derogatory about ethnicity, then my sarcasm was unwarranted. But, to be fair, I clearly wasn't the only person that interpreted your original comment that way - as other posts indicate.

    As far as 100% Japanese-ness, by the standards of most Japanese she is NOT 100% Japanese. That's neither a good or bad thing, objectively speaking; it's just a fact. However, there is a strong current of polite-racism in Japanese culture as the word gaijin and its common usage attest to.

    Referencing someone is of mixed race/ethnicity in Japan, realistically is implying they are not 100% Japanese (that could apply to half-Japanese/half Koreans as well). It's in many ways the same as the American phrase: "If it ain't white, it's black". But again, I'm not trying to assign any racism or prejudice to you personally. I'm just pointing out how the comment fits into the context of Japanese society/culture.

    Either way, you (or anyone, for that matter) have every right to find ANYONE attractive or unattractive for WHATEVER reason. So, my comment may not have been worded clearly.

    Anyway, I'll stop babbling now. Although, all contention aside, I think we can all agree that (at least based on those pictures) Maria Ozawa's appearance is suffering as of late.

  6. Desu

    Desu アッチョンブリケ

    that's exactly what i so miserably failed to express:
    1. as a japanese girl she is/was just average
    2. as a canadian/whatever else girl she is/was subpar (IMHO IMHO IMHO)

    the only reason why she would have stood out would have been because of her 'exotic' look, aka being half-and-half. and for being a porn actress, but that's obvious.
    edit: she's also atrocious as an actress. you'd say that doing nothing but getting fucked for work would lead you to somewhat improve overtime. well, she didn't.

    again, really bad choice of words on my part.
    it happens to me a lot since when i entered the "advanced" (pffft) english learning stage (too confident, i guess).

    about the japanese polite-racism, i'm aware of it and quite frankly i'm okay with it.

    @Rhinosaur sorry for not being classy enought to fit in a porn forum.
  7. aquamarine

    aquamarine I Know Better Than You

    Looking at those photos, the first image is just a badly timed photo that someone seemed to screen-cap to prove a non-existant point. She's still a beautiful woman, that's it. Se's stretching her jaw... you TOO can do that exact same face. Here's how....

    Put a sunflower seed underneath your lip, between your lower lip and gums... now use your tongue to get it out while looking in the mirror. VOILA.
  8. Suvlaco

    Suvlaco Member

    As aquamarine said, most of those photos posted were done in unpleasant conditions. An average camera in an average environment like that will make most people look pretty meh, regardless of how hot or not they are. She's still great and while she's getting older, I'd say few people on here will ever get with anyone of her (physical) quality.
  9. StageNinja47

    StageNinja47 Active Member

    Sadly i have to agree most of you about her beauty going down. Especially since she my all time favorite JAV idol. Maria Ozawa is not as beautiful as she was when she first debut but she still looks good. Also her body isn't what it one's was but it's a lot better than what most women have. personally Maria was the most beautiful when a couple videos after she debut when her body filled out a little bit more. She was at her hottest when she film the tora tora, meat note and members club videos. those are among my favorite Maria videos. she simply looks ridicules hot and you can see her in all her glory:evillook:

    Her performs at times could leave a little something more to be desired, but she was always willing to try something new. that couple with her beauty and years of experiences in the JAV world easy makes her one of the all time greats.

    Yua Aida and Sora Aoi where both better performers than Maria Ozawa, especially Yua Aida, seeing her was like seeing poetry in motion.:nosebleed: i Haven't seen a single JAV Idol perform better than Yua Aida espcially in the cow girl position. She was a master cow girl.
  10. CodeGeek

    CodeGeek Akiba Citizen

    First I wanna say that I'm not a fan of Maria Ozawa. Don't ask me why. She's just not my type. So I was always amazed why everyone made such a fuss about her.
    If you look at the pictures which Baby_Princess she really doesn't look very good now. But I took a look at her picture gallery of her blog (Thanks to paparoach408 for the link): http://ameblo.jp/ozawamariaa/imagelist.html
    Maybe she doesn't look on these photos here. But on her blog she still looks good, doesn't she. Of course, she is older now. And there aren't many people who look better when the get older.
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  11. jugulear

    jugulear Akiba Citizen

    Leave it to Gentleman Codegeek to throw balance into the equation. She looks pretty good on the last couple of blog photo pages, and note (despite her having put on make-up in many) that these are candid shots, a few selfies, and not ones professionally set up in the studio.

    I recently watched a fine documentary entitled "Sellabrity," about how the paparazzi make life hell for the famous, and within was the wise reminder that a photograph is accurate but not always truthful, a Richard Avedon (paraphrased) quote. Not every photograph reflects a reliable representation of what a person looks like.

    I happen to like Maria Oh-so-wow, preferring distinctive appearances as I do. Some comments have been made on this thread about what a mediocre actress she is. I don't know what they are referring to, she manages well enough. The higher-level way to help determine whether she falls far short of Laurence Olivier standards is to know the language she speaks, and many of us do not belong in that category.

    Naturally no one can stop time, much as we're aware there is a whole JAV genre telling us otherwise; looks fade. I remember an interview with actress Candice Bergen, where she revealed one day she suddenly realized she was no longer a babe. Maria is far from that point.

    There are different stages of a woman's beauty. There's the young nymph phase, which many are comparing Maria's present-day looks with. Yet as a woman gets older (unless she goes completely to pot) we can appreciate her evolving looks with a different eye.

    I just saw a recent movie called "Cockneys vs. Zombies," to provide an extreme example, and was delighted to discover Honor Blackman in the cast. She is hopelessly old now, and past the point of turning anyone on... far from her sexy state as Pussy Galore in "Goldfinger", to be exact... but one can still see a real beaut behind the wrinkles. (All right, you may need to squint a little, but it's there.)

    I like it when a member provides insight to other dimensions of JAV actresses, and StageNinja47's comment (in the previous post) about Yua Aida intrigued me. The name wasn't familiar, and I looked up her body of work on this incomprehensive English-language page. I was glad to discover someone found her acting to be a cut above the rest (Sora Aoi I do know... she is very good), but almost every one of the examples from this page point to regular porn, with no story. So further study is called for, to see if our fellow member is on to something.

    The only Yua Aida movie I have is her rare story vehicle, Female Teacher Gang Rape (MIDD-290); I didn't dig it up for inspection, but allow me to pass along the 548 MB painless download link for you, if you are curious. (The movie is over three hours; here are screen shots.)

    I scrolled through the stream now, and she seems to be doing a fair acting job but nothing striking... ahhhh, I guess I was on the wrong track. Re-reading StageNinja47's comments, he was probably referring to her sexual performance, and not her thespian skills. (I also discovered MIDD-290 features... The Swimming Pool! Dash it all, now I need to add it to the list...)

    Maria Ozawa and The Swimming Pool from Risky Mosaic- Lovely Pakopako [ONED302]

    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 30, 2013
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  12. lullaby4love

    lullaby4love Active Member

    sad sad moments...
  13. ding73ding

    ding73ding Akiba Citizen

    I'm a huge fan of MO myself. Love her mixed look, love her devilish hot body, love her bilingualism/biculturalism (presumably trilingual, but I don't care about French), love that she CAN ACT as both a white or a Japanese (as is usually the case) actress. She can't haul home the JAV Oscars in any innocent/inexperienced girl role, but she's fine in most other roles (especially as a sexy/sexual woman). I also like that she pushed the kinky/hardcore envelope for a S-1 star.

    Unfortunately it's also true that she aged very poorly. In a few more days she will be 28, which is still young enough to be hot for most men. Especially for someone endowed with Asian genes, with just minimal maintenance, a woman could keep her charm well into her 30s or even 40s.

    I don't think the "industry" or even drugs is to be blamed in her case. I get a feeling that she did it to herself. I get a feeling she's depressed or bipolar (not sure that's the right psycho-babble here), which is a real shame. On one hand, once I find a JAV actress I like, I wish she would make films forever, but on the other hand, I'm glad to learn that at least some actresses can retire at a dignified age and marry into total obscurity (presumably meaning she's not addicted, abused or even worse). And I just have to contend myself with endless replays of her 15-ish films that I collected (thinking about Takako Kitahara in particular).

    Back to MO, I was also very disappointed with her uncensored videos. Normally I dislike mosaic and was overjoyed to learn MO doing uncensored. But alas her pussy is a bit repulsive due to too-long and too-loose inner labia. She's in the very very small minority of porn (both Western and JAV) stars whose pussy I find ugly. Ughhh... when I watch her uncensored works I actually wish someone would mosaic her pussy. Speaking of which, Jugulear-sensei, you wouldn't happen to have a list of uncensored video starring S1 stars or top JAV idols?
  14. chrisfallout

    chrisfallout Member

    we also got to recall this. many people do not age well as they get older
  15. hypemx7

    hypemx7 Intriguing JAV Hunter

    Downside of being Mixed: You have 50:50 chance of inheriting or not inheriting the asian aging process.
    Asian aging process = age at a slower pace than suddenly turn and look 100 when you hit 45.

    As a person who is mixed and have siblings, I can attest to this.
    One of my younger siblings, by 5 years, looks much older than I am.
    It is always sad and hilarious when I am asked for ID whereas my younger sibling has not.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 2, 2014
  16. mojo

    mojo Active Member

    She did kinda go off the rails a bit. Extensive tattoos and lots of uncensored stuff.
  17. StageNinja47

    StageNinja47 Active Member

    the only thing that i don't like about her is the giant tiger tattoo her got on her back.
  18. jwee29

    jwee29 Member

    You can't really compare public pics from modelling pics (professional make-up and photo editing)
  19. jwee29

    jwee29 Member

    Like I said before, you can't compare her professional modelling pics to her public life images (especially with the mentioned pics). We all grow old with age and we all have our bad hair days. There are many current pics of Maria out there, and she still looks stunning!
  20. ding73ding

    ding73ding Akiba Citizen

    I still think, no matter what genes you have, there's no excuse to have such bad skin at 28. I do a bit of amateur photography myself, there's a difference between an amateur/causal snapshot that happens to be unflattering vs one that reveals too much flaws. Unless you are a lifeguard or construction worker or something that gets too much sun, salt water etc. The tattoo is one thing, in general I think she mistreat her body either deliberately or willful negligence. She's in the show biz for Christ's sake. I like it that a top-rated face and body is doing some really hard stuff like uncensored, S&M, golden shower etc (normally you get girls who looks likes they can't make the cut in regular JAV) but she took it to her real life too...

    If she goes downhill even more, (1) she won't even make the cut for uncensored or fetish genre and may have to find work at the bottom of the barrel, (2) she will miss the chance to retire gracefully into a decent marriage, maybe she already has.

    What she really need, now maybe I'm just farting out of my behind, is a JAV-pimp, someone who loves her but also controls her and tie her up and do some of that candle wax or something. She seems quite masochist, a pimp might keep her from falling over the cliff.